I've never actually done this before, which is kind of funny. Nor do I technically have to, but since I'm not really using them and I forget where extra pairs go, HERE TAKE THEM:

Zeo Yamikagi | 10710z
Zeo's E-Mail
Key Items:
Zeo's PET
MiniEnergyPack (1)
Folder1 (24/30)
Shotgun (50) [Acc: A] {Spread 1}
Guard1 (N/A) [Acc: S] {Reflects 60 damage, Piercing, Line Attack}
Sword (80) [Acc: B]{Slashing, 6 uses}
MarkCannon1 (70) [Acc: A] {Lock-on, Seeking}
BigHammer1 (160) [Acc: B] {Impact, Break}
Shadow1 (N/A) [Acc: S] {Grants Shadow status for 1 turn}
DashAttack (90) [Acc: C] {Impact, Line Attack}
AirHockey1 (50) [Acc: B] {Break, Ground Attack, Rebound 3}
Counter1 (70) [Acc: A] {Impact, Break; Defends against one attack, then teleports and counters}
Heatshot (40) [Acc: A] {Spread 1}
Heatshot (40) [Acc: A] {Spread 1}
FireHit1 (60) [Acc: A] {Impact}
FireHit1 (60) [Acc: A] {Impact}
BlackBomb1 (120) [Acc: S] {Object: 50HP, Heavy, StoneBody}
Meteor9 (30) [Acc: D] {Summons a 100HP staff to call down three meteors per turn}
BubbleStar1 (20) [Acc: D] {Traps 3 targets for 1 turn}
TrainArrow1 (+30) [Acc: A] {Adds 30 Aqua damage to buster for one turn}
Wideshot1 (60) [Acc: A] {Wide Attack}
MagBomb1 (30) [Acc: D] {Stun, Blast 2}
ElecReel1 (80) [Acc: B] {Spread 3}
MagBolt1 (90) [Acc: B] {Stun, Magnetic Pull}
BambooKnife (60) [Acc: B] {Slashing, 6 uses}
CactBall1 (20) [Acc: C] {Hits 2 to 4 times, Ground}
RollingLog1 (50) [Acc: C] {Ground, Wide, two uses}
HP Memories: 4
PowerUPs: 3
NaviCust Expansions: 2
SubMemories: 0
ViralMan.EXE | Lv. 15
HP: 180
Level: 15
Element: Normal
Type: Bug
Attack: 2
Rapid: 2
Charge: 2
Speed: 4
Signature Attacks
Process Upgrades: 12
Points used: 540/540
StimShield: 1-hit shield, 30HP heal, 2 turn cooldown.
Data Absorption: 15HP passive heal once per turn.
Data Siphon: Drain 50HP, hold for one turn, 4 turn cooldown.
Debilitate I: Melee type, 50 damage, 1 turn of Stun, Slow, and Glitch, 4 turn cooldown.
Debilitate II: Shot type, 30 damage, 1 turn of Blind and Glitch, 3 turn cooldown.
Total Used: 10/50
-UnderShirt (10)
Dolce - 7
Seli - 16
SummonerMan - 38
SplashMan - 49
Eternalis - 7
Enigma - 5
Holo╬▓ - 6
Voulge - 2
Anyis - 1
E-Mail Addresses (Dolce) (Rose) (Seli) (Harke)
SummonerCross (Lvl. 1) (60/80)
-Reinforcements: Summons four 20HP objects based on the four card suits; can be used for cover, 2 turn cooldown.

And the new pair:

Name: Aaron Veneman
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Appearance: Aaron stands approximately 5'11" with a thin general build. His dark brown eyes are nearly hidden by his brown, shoulder-length hair. On his head, he wears a black baseball cap with a white streak, the bill usually pulled down to shield his eyes. Aaron's choice of clothing is usually an unremarkable pair of light blue jeans, along with a white T-shirt bearing a complex gray design. Over this shirt, he wears a black spring jacket with an insignia over the left chest area. A black velcro PET holster is strapped to his upper arm.
Personality: Aaron is an intelligent and inquiring teenager with a cheerful disposition. An aspiring computer and network programmer, he has always been enthused about the Net, its inhabitants and the underlying infrastructure that supports them. With this in mind, Aaron consistently maintains an interest in Net-related topics and aspires to work at Electopia's SciLab.
PET Modifications: Aaron's PET is an Advanced model, bearing an entirely white color scheme.

Name: Chaos.EXE
Gender: ???
Element: Elec
Subtype: Summon
Appearance: Most of Chaos' body is built similar to that of a NormalNavi. The jumpsuit is primarily colored white, with silvery lines trailing along its arms and legs. Its gloves are a more detailed affair; metallic components dotted with blinking status lights form bracers around Chaos' lower arms, culminating in hands wired with miscellaneous circuitry leading to each fingertip. Its boots share the component "bracers" around the ankles, but culminate in simple NormalNavi boots. Chaos' chest is covered in silvery lines like its limbs but in a complex pattern, while its back is covered with circuits like its hands. These circuits reach down the backs of its arms and legs, and also connect up to its neck. Its neck connects to its most important component: a circular portal ringed with blinking machinery, approximately two feet in diameter. The portal rests in a dock on its neck, which attaches securely unless detachment is required. The portal's default state displays what seems to be an endless expanse of shining galaxies.
Personality: Chaos has no way of speaking directly, and communicates through other means related to its portal. It has a generally forward and logical personality, knowing little about established social norms and having no qualms about being entirely frank with others, including its operator. It does not mean to come across as rude or tactless; this can sometimes be the unfortunate result of its programming. When reprimanded, Chaos attempts to learn and rectify its behaviour, but these attempts are by no means always successful.
Custom Weapon: Buster
Signature Attacks:
Summon: Chaos
Chaos creates a lightning storm that targets two enemies directly. (30 Elec) x 2 targets, Drop-type

As for registration items, we'll go with SetMetal and ZapRing1.
Everything's fine and approved, be sure to post all of ViralMan's information in the shelved navi/ops section of information databases. Then be sure to put your new navi/op information in information databases. THEN be sure to update your signature!