Lawrence Castell/Gait.EXE

Lawrence Castell

Navi Statistics

HP = 100
Level= 1
ATK = 1
RPD = 1
CRG = 1
SPD = 1
Pool = 40/100 PUs:1


~Under shirt ||10||
~Set Grass ||15||

~~Total: 15/40~~
=======Standard Folder=======
Cannon |Null|| 40 + Knockback |A
Shotgun |Null|| 50 + Spread 1 |A
Rageclaw |Null|| 40 + Slashing / 20 + Impacting |B/B
Cactball1|Wood|| Damage: 50 + Spread 1 |C
Shockwave |Null|| 40 + Line Attack + Ground Attack |C
||MiniEnergy______________||2 ||
||________________________|| ||
||________________________|| ||
||________________________|| ||
||________________________|| ||

Zenny| 80


Also, I will be registering my new pair here:

Name: Theodore Kaysen
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Theodore is a small boy who is seen mostly in his uniform consisting of a tucked in beige shirt with two button pockets and a brown strap over it, and dark green pants folded at the bottom with black shoes on. He wears a trilby hat and a blue scarf over his neck with a medallion having the insignia of a geometric tree on it. he has light skin with brown messy hair.

Personality: Theodore is cheery and very formal, but he takes his status and work with the utmost responsibility and seriousness. He can oftentimes get a bit preachy about proper safety. he doesn't like to start fights but will stand firm in defending his beliefs and perceived authority. He has a strong dislike for being called "Teddy"

PET Modifications: Ted's PET is fairly plain, having a bright green coloration.

Name: Bearman.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Wood
Subtype: Guts
Appearance: A Tall bear shaped navi with visible separation of his hands and legs, having large indentations from both hips and bright yellow rings on his wrists with indentations on the top. His backside is blue while his underside is bright cyan. he has a large loop over his neck and chest resembling his operators scarf, with his insignia at the center. Above it are 2 lines on his neck. his nose is blue and extends towards his blue underside. his eyes are pupils. His hands have claws on each of his 3 digits and thumbs and has digitless 4 clawed feet.

Personality: Bearman is surprisingly intelligent despite looking like an animal, however he's quiet and rarely talks. he doesn't put full thought into many of his actions and shows little fear to any threat. He handles himself well in a social setting but is not an extrovert, preferring to keep to his own business.

Custom Weapon: Bearman's claws are very powerful, capable of rending strong opponents, his charge shot is a full on body slam, dealing null damage.
Signature Attack:

Bearman's heightens his physical and mental resilience, slowing down but obtaining incredible defense.

Undershirt, HP+50

It all looks fine. Be sure to store your old signature in shelved op/navi teams database, update to your new signature, and then place those new profiles in the databases as well.