Jacqueline Montaigne and Ivor.EXE

Cheshire was level 16, posting in a thread, when Trou-
-ble saw the registration board,
Found out that I could write one more.

Sometimes these hands
Forget the rules they're working 'round
When the ones they post around...

Well, you know
Those posts as I do,

And how looking at the forum rules,
I've found that I have the tools
To reg a second pair.

Name - Jacqueline Montaigne
Age - 17
Gender - Female

Tall for her age, but waifishly thin, Jacqueline looks a little bit stretched -- fragile, even. Her features are prominently Netopian, particularly the long strawberry-blonde hair that falls just below her shoulders. Her eyes are an austere grey-green, the colour of an overcast day. A casual observer might think of her as the sort of person who spends most of their day sitting at a window and sighing, but this would be their mistake. Her bearing seems almost a protest against whatever appearance of delicacy her features give. In person, the girl seems very nearly restless, eyes darting about as if looking for something to climb.

Her wardrobe varies greatly, but in general she favours well-tailored, brightly-coloured outfits, warmly layered. While she doesn't flaunt her affluence, the excellent fit and materials certainly give the impression that the wearer is well-off. One constant in her wardrobe is an oversized messenger bag slung across her chest, carrying (among other things) a sketch pad and pencil.

The sole child of the late Giacomo "Jack O'Roses" Montaigne, Jacqueline has lived the majority of her life indoors, under the care of a small but dedicated staff of tutors and servants. She has only recently been permitted out on her own, and has taken to the outside world with both wonder and enthusiasm. An imaginative girl by nature, this sudden broadening of her horizons has left her feeling that there is a great deal of life to catch up on -- at times, this enthusiasm sees her approaching even the mundane with reverence. This adventurous spirit, thankfully, is tempered by a clever and analytical mind, along with the watchful eye of her navi to keep her out of too much trouble. Of course, these factors do little to prevent her from coming off as somewhat silly.

PET Modifications
Jacqueline's PET bears the sleek shape of a recent higher-end model, but closer inspection has been rendered useless by the mass of stickers and decals that cover all but its screen, camera, and necessary ports. In all other respects, it's an unmodified consumer product.

Name - Ivor.EXE
Gender - Male
Element - Fire
Subtype - Shield

Tall, well-dressed, and possessing immaculate manners and poise, Ivor is the ideal image of a gentleman. His simulated age is difficult to determine; while lines cross his dark skin at the corners of his eyes and mouth, he otherwise appears to be in his physical prime -- although this could easily be one of the virtues of the well-cut three-piece suit he wears. His salt-and-pepper hair is slicked loosely back, too wavy to be held quite tame. His features are strong, but soft, with a wide nose and strong jawline. The suit itself is a deep pine green, with a rich cream-coloured dress shirt worn underneath. The tie, before it disappears beneath the suit's waistcoat, bears an oversized clip with the detail of a deep red rose -- Ivor's emblem. He is rarely seen without a thick cigar close at hand.

Outwardly, Ivor is patient and stoic, with Jacqueline's welfare as his main priority. However, his gentle side is mainly reserved for his ward -- those he perceives as a potential danger experience a different facet of his personality. Ivor is fiercely focused in pursuit of a goal or in defense of his operator. While his refined manner almost never cracks, he has a tendency to push rather forcefully at things that might obstruct him.

Custom Weapon
Ivor can materialize two rounded buckler shields, one for each hand. While he prefers to use them at close range, he's had some practice at throwing them lately. He's knowledgeable at a minimal form of hand-to-hand combat, but prefers not to get his hands themselves dirty. Chips and other special attacks manifest as a variety of antique armaments, as suggested by Jacqueline from her father's personal collection.

Sig Attacks (50/60)
Steadfast (50)
[TRAP: Disarm and Knockback on Damage-Dealing Attack | 2 TCD]
Ivor is, in a word, sturdy. Given time to anticipate an attack, he can strike back with one of his bucklers in a bid to knock the weapon from his enemy's hand -- or at least push them back a bit. When pressed to do so, he can even throw one to deal with threats at range.

Takin' the Shield NCP, and a Guard1 as my fourth chip!
It's fine and approved. Just be sure to add all details into your signature and the profile sections before you start posting as the new pair.