Yuudai and Calibre

Not shelving just yet. Just wanted this pair ready for when I do.


Name: Yuudai Watanabe
Age: 21
Gender: Male

Yuudai is not the most physically imposing of individuals. He stands at only 5'9" and weighs around 155 lbs. He is quite thin with little muscle tone. This is due to spending most of his days inside his apartment playing video games or watching anime. His has pale skin with dark brown eyes and hair. His hair is short, but almost always messy. He has poor eyes sight and is forced to wear glasses with thick lenses. Yuudai was born with a weak constitution and was a sickly child. He generally dresses in khaki pants paired with t-shirts. Said t-shirts are often adorned with characters from various mecha anime or video games.

Yuudai a geek. He doesn't work or go to school and instead lives off his family's fortune. He spends most of his day watching anime or playing video games and rarely goes outside. His small stature and weak constitution caused him to forgo most outdoor activities as a child. This caused him to become an outcast amidst the rest of the children his age. He grew accustomed to being alone and developed an antisocial personality. He has few friends and doesn't feel the need for them. He rarely interacts with anyone other than his Navi and the few times a month that his mother calls to check on him. His parents consider him to be a black sheep of the family, especially considering that his older brother and sister are both outgoing and sociable. Instead of dealing with Yuudai, the Watanabe family purchased a small apartment for him to live in on his own. The situation works perfectly for Yuudai, though Calibre does worry about his lack of human relationships.

==PET Modifications==
Yuudai has a custom PET design that resembles the communicator from his favorite anime. The body of the PET is blue and silver and the screen comes with a flip down protective cover designed to look like Calibre's helmet. The PET is downloaded with some of Yuudai's favorite battle music to help get him in the mood when Calibre is virus busting. Once Yuudai has slotted in a battlechip, the system is set up so that Calibre can activate the chips using voice commands.


Name: Calibre.Exe
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Subtype: Break

Calibre is designed as an amalgamation of various anime and video game genres. On the exterior, Calibre looks like a "giant" mecha of the super robot variety. In reality though, her robot form is a powered mechanical suit that protects the female form within. Fully suited up, Calibre stands at just over seven feet and weighs close to seven hundred pounds. The suit is obviously robotic in nature, fully armored and covers her from head to toe. The armor is crafted from an undisclosed metal and painted blue and silver. The armor is non-gendered and bulky enough to distort any semblance of her human form, a feature that generally leads to a bit of confusion when combined with Calibre's feminine voice. Calibre's rounded chest plate, helmet, gauntlets and boots are blue while the rest of her armor is silver.

In the center of Calibre's chest plate lies the power core for her armor suit. The core is a fist sized metallic sphere that houses a crystalline compound. The crystal continuously produces energy that is accumulated within the sphere and siphoned out through wiring to the various parts of the suit. The sphere is generally housed within the chest plate and protected by several layers of armored shielding; however, the chest plate can be bisected to expose the core incase Calibre needs to initiate an emergency vent of suit's power core.

Calibre's main source of weaponry is micro fabricators built into her suit. Using the suit's energy core and base materials from the environment, Calibre can construct various weaponry for use on the fly. The fabricators are capable of producing weapons within mere moments; however the quality is generally poor due to the expedited nature of construction and deteriorates within a few uses. Due to the uncertain nature of her primary weaponry, Calibre's suit is equipped with a myriad of back-up weaponry. Her left forearm plate conceals a pair of 9mm submachine guns while the underside of her right forearm is equipped with a plasma blade. The blade opens backward, extending beyond her right elbow, but can be detached and used in a regular manner. Two triangle shaped boxes extend from Calibre's shoulder blades, each about a foot long and four inches thick. The boxes open by splitting down the middle to deploy rocket boosters. These boosters allow Calibre to achieve a sudden boost of speed to aid in offense or defense; however, they are not yet calibrated to allow her to achieve flight.

Calibre is action oriented and far more outgoing than Yuudai. Her personality was modeled after that of various heroes from anime and games. She won't back down from battle, though she doesn't intentionally attempt to provoke fights. She worries about Yuudai's antisocial nature and has decided to take the place of his estranged family. She does her best to try and get him to interact with other people, usually by making excuses for him to go to the store or tricking him into interacting with other NetOps. She tends to think of herself as an older sister to Yuudai, despite being created by him.

Calibre is intelligent, though she has book smarts rather than street smarts. She has a firm grasp of combat tactics and how to best utilize her fabricators for maximum potential. Unfortunately, despite being far more outgoing and sociable than Yuudai, she is still mainly limited to the same experiences as her NetOp. As such, she doesn't have a lot of experience with the world outside of Yuudai's apartment. She is naïve and it has gotten her into trouble a few times in the past. One of the reasons that she wants to get Yuudai out into the world is so she can experience more of it herself, rather than reading about it through books or the internet.

==Custom Weapon: Micro Fabrication Module==
Calibre's micro fabricators utilize nano machines to allow her to break down surrounding material to produce various weaponry on the fly. The modules only take a few moments to produce any given item; however, said items are of questionable quality and tend to deteriorate within a few minutes. Luckily, she can continue to produce weapons as long as her power core holds out.

==Signature Attacks (60/60 points)==

Core Ventilation: Calibre's prototype energy core is constantly producing energy that needs to be dispersed to prevent a meltdown within her mechanized combat suit. In order to avoid an overload, Calibre can expose the sphere containing the crystalline core and vent the excess energy directly into the space around her. By directing the surge of escaping energy, Calibre can improvise a beam of intense heat and radiation to damage her opponents. Modules on each side of the core siphon off minute amounts of energy to repair the suit's various functions.
(30 Elec Drain, 2 TCD; 60 points)

Going with Set Solar to start with.
Eventually approved when needed.

GET CHIP (EVENTUALLY): Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw1 x1
GET NCP (EVENTUALLY): Undershirt, SetSolar
Traded Cannon for Shake1 from 2011 Christmas event.