Camille and Rydell

man but did I phone in the descriptive bits. I'll come back to all this later on, probably with some artwork to back things up.

Camille Gala
Age: 23
Gender: Female
Voluptuous, long-legged, and dark-skinned, Camille cuts an amazing figure. Her long black hair is usually drawn back into a ponytail, with the loose bangs partially covering one green eye. Her wardrobe choices vary, but there are a few constants; most notably, she almost compulsively wears long white coats, although if weather doesn't permit for it she won't press the issue.

Camille is generally very calm and cool. She is usually brainstorming or observing some small detail for whatever theory she's currently working on, and easily gets lost in thought. As such, she's easy to catch off-guard. Although she comes off as cold, that's simply her absent nature. When she can manage to pay attention, though, she can be very playful and fun to be around.

PET Modifications
The PET's dominant colour is black, with a lighted trim that changes colour, pattern, and intensity depending on the situation. In addition to the aesthetic changes, she has a few experimental programs installed for study, mostly in relation to her navi's strong frequency and its effect on things around it.

Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Subtype: Guts

Rydell radiates a sort of casual charm. Dressed in plain jeans and a fitted t-shirt, with a pair of plain brown loafers and a black and white motorcycle jacket done up in twisting tribal designs, he seems about as unlike a battle navi as you can get. East Asian in appearance, his shoulder-length hair is a smooth black. The most distinctive aspect of his appearance is the pair of large white-rimmed shades he is constantly wearing. The reflective black lenses paired with the shadows cast by his bangs completely obscure his eyes, and no one except his Operator has ever seen him take them off.

Rydell is just as laid-back as his appearance suggests. Few things seem to worry him, and he enjoys above all else testing people purely to see their reactions. Although he seems aloof at first glance, he will always lend a hand where it's needed, although not in an overt way if he can avoid it.

Custom Weapon
Rydell is the master of improvisation. While he regularly uses his fists and feet, he'll attack with whatever's on hand if it seems convenient.

Sig Atk
Bassline (passive) - The internal rhythm of Rydell's thoughts and motions is so strong that it affects the Net around him. In the case of malevolent programs and viruses, the find their own internal frequencies dampened and in some cases overwhelmed by Rydell's own presence of mind.

5 points of drain to one designated enemy each turn. If no enemy is specified at the start of the battle summary, assume the enemy with the lowest HP is being targeted.
Additionally, one instance of damage reduction each turn.

Oh, almost forgot -- I'll pick Shield as my Navicust part.
Okay, so that's 10 points of Drain and 5 of DR... Yeah, okay, that works. Approved.

GET CHIP: Shotgun, Cannon, Rageclaw
GET NCP: Undershirt, Shield
GET SUBCHIP: MiniEnergyPack x2