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Name: Roxxy Estrell
Age: 24
Gender: Female


Roxxy tries her best to stand out, appearance wise. This wasn't that easy to do, so she went to fairly serious lengths. She wants to be a rock star, and to do so she needs to look that part, and she needs to memorable.

First is the rock hair. Roxxy's hair is large. It is decently long as well, coming past her shoulders, but more importantly it stands fairly high above her head. Just to make it worse, she allows it to fall in front of one of her eyes, making it impossible to see, or see out of, at all times. She dies her hair a vibrant red, and compliments this by wearing a red contact in her visible eye. She wears a fairly heavy amount of make up, with her eyeshadow and lipstick being exceptionally obvious.

Her clothing is fairly typically black. Over her upper body she has a black top that may have once been a shirt, but has been modified to lack most of the original cloth. It has a deep V-neck, no sleeves, and displays her midriff. Her arms sport ripped sleeves from the wrists to the elbow, which may explain part of the missing cloth. On the shirt is a logo: it is a peace sign, or the silhouette of one, which is tie-dye colored. The center of the peace sign is made with a skull and crossbones, making it a strange and fairly ironic image that Roxxy enjoys.

Her pants are in a similar state. They are tight black jeans, with a decent amount of fading around the knees. The knees themselves are worn out, and her skin is visible beneath them. The very bottom of the jeans is worn as well, entirely torn to scraps. Her sneakers, the final element of the outfit, are well worn and look it. The outfit, obviously, looks "edgy" but in a carefully constructed way, which was designed to keep it from looking too sketchy or gross.

As far as elements of herself she didn't design, her natural hair color is brown, and her eyes are naturally blue. She stands at a fair height, and has a fairly average, somewhat toned build. She has a fair complexion, and would have more alluring features if she didn't mask them so well behind her make up and hair.


Roxxy is a fun loving girl. She is creative, and likes to try things out. She can sound serious, but usually there's a humor to what she's saying, even if its something only she would understand. She smiles a lot, and it has to do with this.

Roxxy is a rebel, with loads of causes. She is an activist: an environmentalist, a humanist, and a feminist. She likes standing up for what she believes in, and dislikes people who step all over others or allow themselves to be stepped on. If you want something done, you work for it. She speaks her mind, and is very honest. She can have a bit of a biting tongue, and doesn't mind stepping on toes. She's made friends easily by speaking openly and letting it all out: her honesty makes it easy to know she likes you if she does. Like her Navi she's idealistic and full of encouraging words.

She can get a little wild, but it's all part of the music scene.


Roxxy has a fairly normal background. She came from a fairly average home, and found her love of music young. It wasn't until highschool that she realized she wanted to get into music as a career, and it took college to get her into the rock scene she's in now. She is currently looking for her big break, and having fun on the side, living her life in pursuit of her dreams.

PeT Modifications:

Her PeT is, surprising enough, in very good shape. It is held on her waist, and is black, with a crimson lining, having been reskinned recently. It's fairly standard, though it has been edited for high quality sound recording and playback. It can also be plugged into her guitar for related purposed.


Name: Gale.EXE
Element: Elec
Subtype: Wind

Gender: Female

Physical Description:

Gale is a fairly human Navi. She lacks the traditional Navi Bodysuit, and any semblance of armor. She does possess a visible emblem, but that's about it.

Gale is has a fair Netopian skin tone, which is visible thanks to her lack of bodysuit. She stands at a fairly average height, and is very slim. Between this build and her young, cute features, she tends to not strike much fear into the enemies. Gale has large, blue eyes, which seem to reflect the color of the sky.

Gale's hair is brown, straight, and stretches to somewhere around the small of her back. Over her hair she wears a gray barnstormer's cap. On each of the ear flaps of this cap sits a copy of her emblem, with a matching one on the front of the cap, under which sits a pair of goggles.

Her upper body is covered by a lose tank top, tan in color, and fairly plain. A pair of brown cargo capris adorn her legs. A bomber jacket of the same color as her cap is usually tied around her waist, separating the two. She has a pair of gloves which stretch to her wrists, and a pair of pointed cloth shoes, each the same gray color.

A series of feathers also adorn her person. Each feather starts out multicolored at the source, fading to white for most of its length. There are two feathers each on each boot and glove, and a feather hanging from each ear on an earring.


Gale's Emblem is a feather surrounded by gusts of wind, on a tan background. It sits at three points on her cap.


Gale is high in spirits. She likes enjoying life, and can get very into games and battles. She's encouraging, optimistic, and fairly easy to get along with. Due to a fair amount of conditioning, she is much more friendly to females and children; she starts out with a decent amount of skepticism towards most men.


Gale was bought by Roxxy a fairly long time ago. She had been into battling for a while, but recently decided that, along with taking her band and career in a new direction, she might start from scratch with her Net Battling as well. Or, "Gale might as well have to start over too." The two are good friends, despite occasional teasing, and look forward to the adventure.

Custom Weapon:

Gale fights with the power of the wind, usually wrapped around her extremities to grant her strikes a bit of extra punch. She can also fire the wind from these extremities for ranged hits. By rubbing airfields together, she can generate static electricity, to hit with or launch as well.

Signature Attacks:


Breeze Bash
Description: Gale delivers a strong hit, powered by her electrically-infused wind.
Effects: [40 [color=yellow]Elec[/color] dmg]
Cost: 40
Cooldown: 1 TCD


Zephyr Zone-Clear:
Description: Gale takes control of the winds around her, flinging them about at high enough speeds to keep things force things away from her.
Effects: [Knockback [10] Nova2 [*2]]
Cost: 20
Cooldown: 1 TCD


I'll take Shield.


Quote ("SUMM SIG")

<a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc281'); void(0);">Operator</a><div id="Jcc281" class="signaturetab">Name:Rose Dunrae
Items: Nothing
Key Items: -Rose's Pet
</div><br>Zenny: 05530<br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc2891'); void(0);">SubChips</a><div id="Jcc2891" class="signaturetab">MiniEnergyPack: 2
EnergyPack: 0
SneakRun: 0
Escape: 1
Untrap: 0
Unlocker: 0</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc282'); void(0);">Navi</a><div id="Jcc282" class="signaturetab">Name: SummonerMan.Exe
Level: 09
Element: Normal
Subtype: Summon
HP: 160
Actions: 4
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Luxxie21'); void(0);">Navi Stats</a><div id="Luxxie21" class="signaturetab"><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc283'); void(0);">Signature Attacks</a><div id="Jcc283" class="signaturetab"style="width:700px; height:125px;">Summon: Junk: [5x Object; 5 HP ] 1 TCD
Summon: High Card: [Object: 40 HP] 1 TCD
Summon: Pair: [Object: 5 HP + (Multihit)2 hits of * Random(Up to 13) Damage [On 13, use 35] 1 TCD
Summon: Spring Deck: [Object: 20 HP + (Time-Delay (Manual); Microburst; Melee) Once] 2 TCD
Summon: Three-of-a-Kind: [Decoy + Decoy + Object; 10 HP + Object; 10 HP] 2 TCD
Summon: Two Pair: [2x (Object: 5 HP [5] + (Multihit)2 hits of * Random(Up to 13) Damage [On 13, use 35])] 2 TCD
Summon: Card Tower [Object: 80 HP] 2 TCD
Unsummon: Attack: [Trap (Attack Target); 1-hit Shield, Pull, Pull, Stun (1), Object: 5 HP] 2 TCD

Sig Pool: 000/460</div>
<a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc284'); void(0);">Chips</a><div id="Jcc284" class="signaturetab"style="width:725px; height:315px;">Folder:
2x Rockcube (200 HP Object)
2x TimeBomb1 (100 HP Object. Explodes after 2 rounds for 100 damage to all)
1x Wind (100 HP Object, Pushes enemies back, lowers accuracy. Lasts 3 rounds or until destroyed)
1x AquaBalloon (200 HP Object. Mobile. Aquabody. Explodes after 3 turns for 10 + Damage Absorbed Aqua damage to all)
1xAirRaid1(100 HP Flying Object, 10x10 shots, 3 turns)
1xMetalGear1 (100 HP Object, 50 Null Break ground dmg, straight line up to 3 targets, 3 turns)
1xFlashBomb1(100 HP, explodes after 2 turns for Blast 4 Stun, Seeking, Blinding, 40 elec dmg)
1x Sword (80 slashing damage. 6 uses)
1x Recov30 (Heals 30 HP)
2x Guard1 (1 Hit shield, Reflects Up To 60 damage +Piercing + Line Attack)
1xAquaNeedle1 (20 Aqua dmg x 3 needles)
1x RingLog1 (50 Wood damage + Ground + Wide + Double Attack)
1x WaveArm1 (80 piercing ground Chain(3))
1x Cannon (40 damage + Knockback)
1x Shotgun (50 damage + Spread1)
1x HeatShot1 (40 Fire damage + Spread1)

Total in Folder: 19/30 chips
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc285'); void(0);">NaviCust</a><div id="Jcc285" class="signaturetab"style="width:150px; height:75px;"> 1x UnderShirt [10]
Space Used: 10/45</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Luxxie1'); void(0);">Buster</a><div id="Luxxie1" class="signaturetab"style="width:175px; height:75px;">Atk: 1
Rpd: 1
Chg: 1
Damage(Rapid/Charge): 2/8</div></div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc291'); void(0);">Support Program</a><div id="Jcc291" class="signaturetab">Name: Card
Level: 3
BugFrags:  105 Bugfrags Remaining
HP: 40
Attack: 10
Actions: 1
Element/Subtype: Normal/Speed
Abilities: Planeswalking,
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc289'); void(0);">Upgrades</a><div id="Jcc289" class="signaturetab">Upgrades Accumulated:
-Hp Memory x3
-Speed Upgrade x1
-Process Upgrade x10
-Process Edit x2
-NaviCust Expansion x1
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Luxxem1'); void(0);">Friendship</a><div id="Luxxem1" class="signaturetab">Friend Exp:
With SplashMan: 46
With ViralMan: 38
With Holoß: 18
With Koumori: 10
With Anyis: 9
With DNR: 8
With Enigma: 5
With Rhea: 5
With Voulge: 3
With Exorcist: 3
With VoltMan: 3
With Gear: 3
With DruidMan: 3
With SoundMan: 3
With Void: 1
With Djinni: 1
</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Jcc2831'); void(0);">Soul Crosses</a><div id="Jcc2831" class="signaturetab">CROSSES:
SplashCross: [[color=blue]Aqua[/color]/Guts]
Cross Sigs: Spill Cannon [30 [color=blue]Aqua[/color] dmg Blast2, Medium Terrain Change Sea (Line), 2 TCD]
ViralCross: Null/Bug
Cross Sigs: Glitch Gatling [Glitch to 4 Targets, 2 TCD]
Sounds fine to me, approved.

Don't forget all of your STARTER PACK STUFF and to switch out your sig before you start RPing with her. :V
Supposedly I get to pull another navi off the Shelf. Since SummonerMan is ONE NAVI AT LEVEL 5.

I want it to be SummonerMan. Can that happen?