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Gadgetman stuff
Zenny: 1065
Name: John (Crazy Eyes) Mcgee
Age: 24
Gender: Male
The kind of man you'd expect to see at home in a lab coat, John has always had a slightly nerdy look about him. Standing around 5' 5", John's skin has a very pale tone to it, the kind that can only be cultivated by many days spent in darkened rooms. His hair is dark brown with a messy short and spiky style, looking as if he had just awoken from a rather deep slumber at all times, this isn't helped by the fact that he constantly has a pair of large bags underneath his eyes.
Being a rather unmemorable character, there has always been one feature that John has always been known for; these are his large, thick, circular glasses, ones which he had personally modified to give the illusion of a strange circular pattern, creating the effect of a large spiral that starts from the pupil and finishes at the edge. This feature is offsetting to most due to the fact that his eyes beneath them are no longer visible.

Preferring to be clothed for comfort over style, John only has two states of dress, his old work outfit which consisted of khaki cargo trousers and a white lab coat, or the same trousers, only instead he has a dark blue dressing gown in place of the lab coat.

Embittered by past events, John finds it hard to fully put his support and attention behind any one subject or project, although when he does; he reaches strangely high levels of obsession. Tending to take a more objective view of the world and his surroundings, John constantly exudes a thick cloud of nonchalance and contempt, preferring to pay attention to his own concerns rather than that of others. Even after these barriers, John can still come across as a nice guy to those who bother to befriend him, the few who have are usually equally intrigued and repelled by his dark sense of humour and odd behaviour.
Modifications: Modified to handle higher powered applications, John's PET broke its boundaries long ago. Barely resembling the sleek, user-friendly device it once was, his PET is now a jumbled mess of cables with a hand grip, a screen and a few hooks that allow it to attach to his belt. It can analyse vast amounts of data in an instant, allowing it to handle the day to day tasks his navi requires.
Key Items
Net Navigator
Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Summon
Level: 1


Navi Customizer 20/40
Nitro.exe: 3 FXP
Battle Data
Battle Stats
HP: 150
Actions: 3
Buster DMG = 1
Subtype Abilities
Passive: Mobilize: Summoned Objects have a one-use Movement action.
Ability: Masterwork: You may add 20 + (Level) HP to an object's max HP as a free action. This can not be used on the same object more than once. (Once Per Turn)
Battle Chips 7/30
Rageclaw1 (40 slashing DMG, null B Acc, breaks after 6 swings)
Shotgun (50 DMG, spread to one other target, null damage)
Cannon (40 + knockback, null damage)
Guard1 (1 Hit Shield) + (Reflect up to 60 + Piercing + Line Attack)
DrillArm1 (60 + Break+ Knockback + Long Attack, B Acc)
Lil'Bomb (80 DMG + Blast 2, C Acc)
Quake1 (100 null DMG+ Impact + Medium Area Cracked Terrain, C acc)
Signature moves
Gadget: L.A.S.E.R (Long-range, Accurate, Shoulder-mounted, Energy, Rifle)
(Summon 15 Hp object with passive 15 elec DMG, Light, 45 Sig points, 2 TCD)
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