Leila Flynn / Mekka.EXE

Here we go again, requesting to shelf Leila and Mekka to bring Valis and Armoury back online.


Name: Leila Flynn
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Appearance: At 6'3" Leila's well developed form makes her look several years older than she actually is. While her large, athletic frame can seem imposing at first her gentle dark green eyes soon assuage any feelings of intimidation. Her face is framed by deep red shoulder length hair, which has a sharp contrast to her rather fair complexion. While Leila does have a fairly well defined physique she still looks just a tad awkward and lanky, which she hides behind loose fitting clothing. She generally wears a T-shirt in combination with baggy jeans or slacks and a pair of simple brown leather hiking boots.

Personality: Laid back and carefree, Leila offers a bit of balance to her navi's hyperactive tendencies. While always mindful of things that are of particular importance she doesn't let the small setbacks in life get to her, preferring to shrug or laugh it off rather than work herself up over it. Leila never really seems to be in a hurry to get anywhere, but while it can appear that she's a bit lethargic she's far from it. A dependable, hard working soul always willing to offer her help, and generally not expecting much if anything in return, she simply enjoys the feeling that she's done some good. While not quite as outwardly social as her navi she's usually a perfectly affable person, and able to offer a friendly ear to her friends should they need it.

PET Modifications: Leila's PET is fairly simple, having a green and white colour scheme to match her navi. Mekka's emblem is on it as well which consists of a deep blue circle background behind a green hexagon is with a red cross laid over top of it.

Name: Mekka
Gender: Female
Element: Wood
Type: Recover
Appearance: With her rather diminutive stature of a mere 4'8" Mekkah doesn't have the same presence of other navis, but relies more on her speed and agility than outright power. The best way to describe her general appearance is what looks to be a small android in power armour. Her primary color or that of her main body is a flawless white, while the plating she bares is a deep green. Her head appears to be comprised of full helmet with subtle fins on the side complete with a silver face shield. Above the face shield her eyes appear to be made up of a single black digital display that shows her eyes in solid green in various expressions.

Her upper torso has heavy dark green plating which extends to quarter circle shoulder guards and bares an angular, vaguely bust like shape, indicating a feminine form and her emblem placed just under the opening for her neck. The back of her upper body armour is equipped with a sort of 'backpack' which is capable of generating various useful items for Mekka. Her upper arms are uncovered but the plating continues on her forearms, both baring roughly teardrop shaped plating that starts narrower at the elbow and widens towards the end of her arms. Her left arm is slightly smaller with just a slit above her hand from which her sword is deployed. Her right arm is heftier, being slightly wider and a bit longer than the plating on her left arm. It extends slightly past her actual hand and functions as a heavy blunt force weapon in melee combat, though it doesn't really impede the function of her hand.

Mekka's 'midriff' is left exposed, the plating continuing from her hips down, covering all of her legs and flaring out slightly around her shins. The plating merges into a pair of large metallic boots which look just a bit oversized, giving Mekka a subtly bottom heavy, very planted appearance.

Personality: Energetic, boisterous and headstrong Mekka always seems to be a ball of energy ready to jump up and run a mile at a moment's notice. This energy can also go the other way as well as she can sometimes have a bit of a short temper but since she's been with Leila she's managed to rein herself in a little. A former information management navi at a small hospital in Electown, Mekka also doubled as light security against viruses for the hospital's network if the need arose. Unfortunately the hospital ended up closing down and with no actual owner Mekka ended up being sold alongside the rest of the hospital's equipment. While she tended to be upbeat about most things, the ordeal left Mekka with a few insecurities about her place in the world. She still retained most of her positive attitude, but often feels the need to prove herself to her new operator which can often get her in trouble when she holds her ground even when horribly outmatched.

Custom Weapon: Mekka has a trio of weapons available to her at any given time. The first is a sword blade that deploys from her left arm and is retractable when not in use. The second is a heavy blunt force weapon formed by the armour plating on her right arm. Within her right arm's blunt weapon is the third, a small rapid fire energy weapon can pop up from the top of her right arm when the need for more range arises though Mekka generally stays in melee range.

Signature Attack 1: Regenerator (40)
Description: Spawns an energy restoration device from Mekka's backpack, can be used on herself or emits an energy beam to heal allies.
Damage: None
Element: None
Effect: Heals 40hp
CD: 1 turn

Signature Attack 2: Swift Cutter (20)
Description: Executes an extremely quick, powerful strike with Mekka's sword.
Damage: 20
Element: Wood
Effect: None
CD: 1 turn

1. Alloy Hammer (40)
Description: Powered punch attack from blunt weapon on right arm.
Damage: 40dmg
Element: Wood
Effect: None
CD: 1 turn

2. Regenerator2 (40)
Description: Spawns an energy restoration device from Mekka's backpack, can be used on herself or emits an energy beam to heal allies.
Damage: None
Element: None
Effects: Heals 40hp
CD: 1 turn


<a href="javascript: togglebar('Valis1'); void(0);">Leila Flynn</a><div id="Valis1" class="signaturetab">Leila Flynn
Zenny: 1130
Key Items: Leila's PET</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Valis2'); void(0);">Mekka.EXE</a><div id="Valis2" class="signaturetab">Mekka
Element: Wood
Type: Recovery
Attack: 1
Rapid: 1
Charge: 1
Movement: 3</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Valis3'); void(0);">Upgrades</a><div id="Valis3" class="signaturetab">HP Memories: 0
Process upgrades:2
Speed upgrades: 0
Navicust Expansions: 0
Navicust points: (10/40)
Rapid +1 x1
Attack +1 x1
Charge +1 x1
Undershirt x1</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Valis4'); void(0);">Chips</a><div id="Valis4" class="signaturetab">Battle Chips
Folder (5/30)
Shotgun x1
Cannon x1
Rage Claw x1
Guard x1
Magbomb1 x1

Sub Chips
Mini Energy x2</div><br><a href="javascript: togglebar('Valis5'); void(0);">Sig. Attacks</a><div id="Valis5" class="signaturetab">Sig Attk Pts: (0/140)
Regenerator (40)
Effect: Recover 40hp
CD: 1 turn

Regenerator2 (40)
Effect: Recover 40hp
CD: 1 turn

Swift Cutter (20)
Damage: 20
Element: Wood
CD:1 turn

Alloy Hammer (40)
Damage: 40
Element: Wood
CD: 1 turn</div>
Valis wants to bring Valis back online? Strange, but I suppose we'll figure something out. Approved.