Shelving LinkMan.EXE for BarterMan.EXE

Name: BarterMan.EXE

Gender: Male

Element/Subtype: Normal/Awesome

Physical Description: BarterMan is a short, stocky Navi, he's maybe 5 feet tall if he's standing up straight. He weighs around 180lbs, and he claims the weight comes from his ultra-compacted motor programs (though I just think it's spam code). He has a perpetual 5-o'clock shadow and rather big eyebrows that almost obscure his fading green eyes. He wears a black body suit, but it is almost always covered in some sort of clothing, mostly from Navis he had previously bartered with. He currently has a green jacket and some lightly armored leggings. He almost always is seen wearing a dark blue visor, which keeps his shiny black hair in check. He is sometimes seen carrying or smoking his favorite cigar, which through the power of the internet, does not burn away and remains smoldering indefinitely.

Behavior: He is rather blunt and loud, but behind the gruff exterior is a very clever mind. His love with haggling and dealing items is borderline obsessive, and would sometimes try to strike a deal during very inopportune moments. He tends to hold a grudge if someone else skirts him out of a deal, especially towards those who try to rip him off. However, if he strikes a particularly good deal with a Navi, he would sometimes go out of his way to assist said Navi, and he would always refer to him/her as his "most trusted customer."

Custom Weapon: Bartering Hands of Fury
His big, muscular hands, hardened and strengthened by hauling goods here and there, make very effective weapons against enemies or cheap-skate Navis.

Sig Attack:
Ey! Wassamadawityou?!: Barterman belts out a frustrated cry as he smacks the enemy, often in the arms/hands, and often knocks away whatever the foe is holding or wielding
(20dmg Null + Disarm + 2TCD)
Everything checks out. Good to go.