Selving Shamus and AGWS to unshelve Daisy and Virgil, with some updating Virgil's profile with correct terminology, and changing Daisy's subtype from recovery to guts.

Also using lone Sig edit that was shelved with them to edit sigs.

And in case ya need a link to the shelved data...


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Daisy is a tall skinny, but sexy, female whom does not look like she is out of her 20s. Her hair is a nice golden yellow, and extends to her shoulder. She wears a buttoned up white lab coat that extends down to her knees, along with blue jeans. Under the coat, she has a dark green tank top with the words "Magus" in black text on it. If you could ever see her back without the lab coat on, you could see "Project life" tattoed on her skin in standard black military script.


Daisy is rather innocent about the world, and as such she has a rather care-free mind. She knows little about the emotions of love, anger, hate, and violence. Because of her Care-free nature, she is able to make friends easily and forgive others. And since she knows at least people do not like being hurt, she will want to protect them, and keep them safe.

Custom buster: Will of the magus
Daisy has the strange power to control her own blood, and the blood that has left the bodies of others. She is able to use it to create various weapons to attack her foes with.


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Blood shield: 80 / 20 passive
Daisy creates a shield of blood that floats around her to block attacks
Passive: Creates a Shield each turn

Current Pool (420/500)
Blood Bubble: 120 points / 30 passive
Daisy creates a bubble of blood around her that protects her from a single attack
Passive: 30 HP Barrier each turn

Current Pool (300/500)
Blood Strikes: 90 points
Daisy uses three buster shots in rapid succession.
Three buster shots

Current Pool (210/500)
Grand Blood Guard: 80 points
Daisy creates a layer of blood around her body that reduces her maneuverability and blocks all attack expect those of certain kind.
1 turn of Shadow + Selfslow

Current pool (130/500)
Blood attack: 120
Daisy creates an object made of blood and fires it at her foe.
Shot base*2 + aqua + break + impact

Current pool (10/500)


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Virgil "Monty" Junker
Age: 35

Monty stands at about 5'7 feet tall. His body is skinny, covered in many scars. His eyes are a green color, with his long hair white and kept out of his face by a blue band with a clock painted on it. He tends to wear white pants, with few pockets in them, and a white long sleeve shirt... must like the color white or something. Sometimes, he wears a white lab coat over his normal attire. Aside from all of this, he is a bit stronger then his size lets on, along with immense Hand-eye co-ordination, hearing abilities, and is quite nimble with his fingers. Unfortunately, he also has a calcium deficiency and CIP (Congenital insensitivity to pain).

Monty, even though he has CIP, is rather happy go lucky. He rather enjoys most of life, and tends to look on the brighter side of almost everything. Hell, he sometimes jokes about his injures. His happy attitude is mainly because he knows that he could end up killing himself by accident or from something that only real symptom is pain, and so he mine as well enjoy life till that happens to him.
Process Edit is used. Your ONE MORE SWAP, NO QUESTIONS ASKED courtesy our changes of the Subtypes is also used.

Shamus and Gear are shelved. Post their profiles and the forum signature you have now in their topic.

Your sigs are all set.

Changes are good.