Replacing Raiden

I would like to shelf Raiden and Anti. Yes, I am aware that it is smack in the middle of their subplot, but I don't really care. I need to start RPing again, and Raiden's existence is making it difficult for me to do that.

At this precise second, I'm one turn away from finishing a subplot battle. Once that's done, I'll put up Raiden's jack-out post, and that's all that anyone will hear from him for a good, long while.

In the meantime, I'll be roleplaying with these two instead. Meet Antoinette and Beatnik.


Name: Antoinette Smith

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Appearance: Antoinette is relatively moderate in stature. Her hair is (dyed) black, and is artificially straightened. It's long enough to hang just past her shoulderblades. Her eyes are permanently half-closed, it seems, and are nearly always looking down. Because of this, it's hard to gather what colour they are, beyond 'dark'. Her posture is awful, dictating years of curling up in an enclosed space over a computer keyboard. Her fingers are long and spidery. They are accustomed to typing at high speeds, making them quite nimble. The nails are chewed down.

Antoinette wears an awful lot of black on a daily basis. She doesn't leave home without her Gastsby cap, overcoat, and white scarf that can be worn loose around her neck or tucked in like an ascot. She also comes equipped with combat boots, black skinny jeans, and striped grey arm-warmers.

Personality: Antoinette is low-key and unobtrusive. She speaks in a quiet voice that carries no hint of emphasis or inflection. She doesn't like getting involved in things if she can help it. She can't hold down a steady job to save herself, and has no idea what she's going to do with the rest of her life.

Antoinette likes to write poetry. It's allegedly meant to 'crystallize her deepest feelings.' Her poems are very bad, but people tend not to tell her that. She's the author of a blog entitled "Hush, little razor blades on the doorstep of my blackened soul." The name shifts on a regular basis. As you may guess, not many people read it.

PET Modifications: Virtually none. Antoinette's PET is a very generic model with a very generic colour scheme. Its only customizations are various scratches and dents to its casing.

Name: Beatnik.EXE

Gender: Female

Element: Elec

Type: Wind

Appearance: Beatnik is a mass of searingly bright colour. Her bodysuit is sunshine yellow, her eyes are a virulent red, and her hair is neon green. For the most part, that hair only reaches her chin, except for a single tail behind that extends down her back for a length of six feet or so. The tail tends to whip around behind her in an impressive fashion when she's on the move.

She is a humanoid Navi, if you discount the big deadbolt lock in the middle of her chest. It connects her abdomen to her shoulders, and throws off the streamlined nature of the rest of her. The keyhole faces forward. There are a number of little lights spaced out around the front rim of the lock face, corresponding to her specialty moves.

Beatnik doesn't wear any kind of armor, aside from the silver caps on the tips of her fingers. Instead, plates of sky-blue metal float around her as if held in orbit by some kind of gravitational (in her case, magnetic) field. They revolve slowly like planets around a sun. She can swing these plates around her body at will to form walls or weaponry.

Also, Beatnik flies. Honestly. She hovers a good foot off the ground at all times. This is accomplished through more magnetism. Plates of metal are attached directly to the soles of her feet. Floating directly between the metal plates and the ground are two rings. These rings are held in a sort of magnetic stasis between the soles of her feet and the ground. By changing the polarity of her feet, she can attract the rings, then push them off again to send herself sort of 'skating' across the ground. Regardless of how strange this looks, it propels her at massive speeds.

Emblem: Beatnik's emblem can be found on the back of her locking cylinder, and on the faces of one of the bigger plates of armor that orbit her. It's the image of one of those old-style records that were once used to play music. The one in her emblem is cracked down the middle into two distinct halves.

An outdated but still relatively accurate rendition can be found here, and will be replaced with a corrected version in the near future.

Personality: Beatnik has the voice of a woman in her twenties and one of those nasal Netopian accents, which should completely sum up her personality. She's rude, crude, and pays very little positive attention to the people around her. She will spend just as much time taunting her enemy as she will hammering it to pieces.

Essentially, she is everything that Antoinette is not. Beatnik actually finds her Operator a little embarassing. Due to her status as a digital construct, Beatnik can't quite understand what the heck all of Antoinette's doom and gloom is supposed to be about. Therefore, Beatnik considers herself responsible for the social aspects of existence. She takes the initiative on most things, from getting Antoinette to job interviews on time to nagging her to go out to somewhere public for a coffee. Don't you dare mistake Beatnik for one of those caring types, though; she's just doing it because she's stuck with Antoinette for an Operator.

Backstory: Up until a very short time ago, Beatnik was a relatively high-ranking member of the NetMafia. She was involved in the breakout of the Great Net War in Electopia. She was pitted against a certain Binary.EXE and Red.EXE, as well as the Head of the Department of Justice, Montag.EXE. Although the tide of the battle was beginning to swing in Beatnik's favour, Montag was able to escape along with the two civilians. Beatnik's superiors were not pleased with such a grossly wasted chance to delete an important figure on the NetPolice totem pole. This failure, coupled with various behaviorial violations in the past, culminated in Beatnik's expulsion from the Mafia. The vast majority of her Chips, NaviCust programs, programming upgrades, and most of all Darkchips were revoked, leaving Beatnik at a power level little above the average starting Navi.

Obviously, Beatnik isn't exactly thrilled.

Custom Weapon: Her custom weapon is whatever she feels like at the time. Amongst her favourites are blades made of pure magnetic energy, pieces of the metal that float around her, and the tried-and-true kick in the gut.

Signature Attack: First Lock: Techno Waltz
Beatnik brings all of her floating armour pieces together and locks them into the form of a huge sky-blue wall. She charges the face of this wall with electricity, and then takes off to ram into an unfortunate sucker.
[Charge time nerf (+30)
90 Elec damage (60 pool+30 nerf)]
Bumpah cahrs, mate.