For quick reference, the rules entry for Crosses is located HERE.

Note: Only Officials and Administrators may approve new registrations in this area. Moderators may approve edits and upgrades (Level 1 -> 2, for instance) to existing Crosses.

New Crosses between a pair of Navis should be registered in a shared topic in this subforum, and all updates to the Crosses should be made as new posts in that shared topic. Both players can register Crosses or Cross updates at the same time, but it is not mandatory. Each player has the right to reject a new Cross registration or update to it using their Navi, but otherwise permission is implicitly granted and does not need to be confirmed before approval.

To register a cross, you and your partner make the first two posts in a thread, with the following information in each one:

    [li]Name: (The name of your half of the cross)
    [li]Level: (The level of the cross that you're registering)
    [li]Element/Subtype: (The element/subtype you will be while the cross is active; note that this can be your subtype, or your partner's, but you must take on your partner's element while crossed.)
    [li]Appearance: (What your navi will look like while in the cross.)
  • Personality: (Optional; if your navi's personality changes while in the cross, you may document it. This is not required.)
You may register any Cross Signatures here at the same time as your cross, or at a later time in the Signature Registration Area.

Additionally, please make sure to do the following once your Cross is approved:

-Keep a link to your Cross information in your signature.
-Keep a tally of your FXP with your Cross partners in your signature.

Thank you!