The Death of Kazu

Name: Titania/Oberon
Gender: Um...
Element: Null
Type: Sword

Appearance: The only color on either Titania or Oberon's body is a tear-shaped sapphire gem, set in the center of Titania's circlet or Oberon's pendant. The gem glimmers at certain times, catching their emotions like a jewel in the physical world catches sunlight. Otherwise, their entire body looks to be made of something milky-white, like congealed smoke forced into Titania or Oberon's shape. The only definition on their figures is made by darkened areas where shadow would normally be.

Titania's hair flows down to mid-back, parted away from her eyes by a circlet and fastened in a tight ponytail. She wears a tight tunic and gloves that overlap its sleeves. The right one is a bit more padded along the inner forearm, imitating real gloves worn by archers in order to protect their wrists from their bowstrings. She wears a thin sort of sleeveless cloth top like a poncho, which drapes over her shoulders only slightly, falling down her front and back separately, tied just above her hips to accentuate her figure and to keep it out of her way. She has long cloth pants and a thick, tough pair of boots.

Oberon's hair extends from his head in a stiff, spiked mass. He wears some kind of battered tunic with a padded chest and shoulders, perhaps imitating light armor built into the cloth. He wears thin gloves that extend to mid-forearm. His pants are battered and ragged at the bottom, and the same could be said for his lightweight boots, made for quick fencing footwork and acrobatic stunts.

Personality: Oberon is outwardly lighthearted, and is prone to treating everything, even combat, as a joke. Despite his unusual circumstances, he tries to act like just another Navi, and often seeks to make friends, or at least allies and contacts. He often forgets to shout for chips from Guy, and the way he criticizes his Operator's choices is a source of endless frustration for Rachel. The only time his pleasant demeanor ever breaks is when he (and thus, Titania) is in real danger. When this happens, his airy cheer breaks into focused, murderous rage.

Titania is serious and aloof. She has a specific goal in mind for her existence: Learning more about the strange arrangement of herself and Oberon, and someday reversing the process. She speaks little, reveals nothing, and trusts no one. She is practically mechanical in her fighting style, and her white face could well be a motionless mask. She commands Guy with intimidating authority, and obeys Rachel without complaint-- usually. She has been known to completely ignore orders and pursue her own tactics.

Custom Weapon: Oberon fights with a pair of punching swords that are the same ghostly color as the rest of his body. He excels at acrobatics as well as delicate bladework. Titania fights with a similar bow. She is extremely accurate with it from both extreme distance and point-blank range.

Signature Attacks: Registered elsewhere.

Name: Rachel Tholmes
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Appearance: Rachel's shirt is always pressed, her slacks are always clean, and her hair is always tied in a clean, neat ponytail. Her brown hair flows to just below the shoulders, her eyebrows arch severely across her angled, feminine face, and her friends like to say that she would be a pretty girl if she'd just stop looking so angry all the time.

Personality: Rachel is not angry all the time, but only her true friends realize this. She is bossy, irritable, and a little bit petty, and when she's in charge of the PET, she has trouble remembering that she's dealing with a highly sophisticated, unique Navi, and not the NormalNavis that she's always trained with. She is experienced at making quick decisions and giving specific orders, which she expects to be followed, and that's only with her fellow high schoolers. When she brought home her first boyfriend, her parents felt sorry for the poor boy. The only soft spot in her controlling nature is reserved for her twin brother Guy.

(I swear on my life, I will not use the fact that I have two Operators to cheat.)

Name: Guy Tholmes
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Guy has his sister's soft brown hair and narrow face, but otherwise it would be hard to tell that the two are related. He seldom wears anything more dressy than a T-shirt and shorts, and his friends like to tease him for the fact that his hair hangs over his eyes when it gets too long.

Personality: Guy and his sister are exact opposites when it comes to how they deal with people. Rachel is outgoing and eager to get into other people's business, but if you didn't actually approach him point-blank, you'd swear Guy was mute. He started NetBattling several years ago on his sister's recommendation, but his reluctance to assert himself, even to a Navi, proved to be a handicap.

PET mods: Rachel and Guy own what was Kazuhiro's PET, a heavily modified model from overseas that features, among untold other things, multiple chip slots, a large display, and many ports and slots for unknown cables and expansions.
Okay, I'm ready for judgement on these now.
-Signature Attacks have been re-registered.

-Chips, Zenny, PET upgrades, and SubChips were given to the new Operators by Kazu.
... Why did Kazu give his stuff away? Sorry, you'll have to explain just a little more than that.
He gave his stuff away for the same reason I want him to give his stuff away-- that is, because his shit is so tangled. He was a criminal once, he feels like he might slip back to that, and besides, he's married and doesn't want to deal with Net drama. Would it help to explain it if he and Jean were raising a daughter, maybe?
Well, that's fine, but doesn't really explain why the stuff is going to Rachel and Guy.
Well, the idea was that Rachel and Guy were kind of Netbattling hobbyists before they happened upon the "stray Navis" Titania and Oberon. In the long time between when I ditched Titania and Oberon and right now, Kazu might have met them by chance (and found out about their new operators) or they might have contacted him.

Or, because Kazu mostly just wants to get rid of his NetBattling gear, and would give it to anyone seemingly trustworthy, it could be total divine coincidence that the recipients happen to be the new operators of Titania and Oberon.

Edit: Oops, seems I already tried to explain this away once before. I had a feeling about that but I didn't know where to go looking for it.

Anyway, in the other version (which is in the Subplot section) Rachel and Guy are relatives of Jean.
Alright, that's good enough. Approved, transferred stuff get.