Junior Cross update

Yea... kept forgetting to update this after who knows how many changed to both sigs and subtypes and stuff...

Junior Cross
Level 1

Daisy now wears glasses, with gold trimming, and the eyepieces in an sideways oval shape. Her hair is now bundled in a ponytail, with a single strand of green hair in left hanging in front of her face. She no longer wears what she normally did, that now replaced by a white bodysuit, with a v shaped opening that goes from the neck down to a bit below her belly button. Around her neck hangs a small golden hammer, on a sliver chain. She now has white boots, with the laces and bottom of the shoe gold. Her hands are now encased in white gloves.

Daisy, somehow, becomes much less Naive in this form. She now knows all about love, friendship, and all of that jazz. The only problem is she can be a bit too... flirty, while under the influence of this cross.

Sigs: Sexy pose (80 points spend, CD3)

With a pose that is sometimes... suggestive, Juniorcrossed Daisy makes the opponent think twice about attacking her for a time. Unfortunately, she ends up not being a responsive to attacks while she is posing.

4 action stun + selfslow