ZeoCross Rose

Thanks to their close bond, Rose gained a cross with her good pal Zeo!


Rose's outfit changes fairly heavily for this cross.

First, she swaps out her general hair style for a baseball cap with her ponytail coming through the gap in the back of it.

Then she throws on a t-shirt with some sort of logo on it, preferably one with a character on it, like a virus of some sort. The only one she has is a white shirt with a pink outline of a bunny on it. After this, she grabs a wind jacket, dark blue in color, and puts that on over her other clothing.

She wears normal clothing otherwise, though she managed to find a belt buckle like Zeo's, featuring a Metool, to add onto her belt.

Custom Weapon:

Human Plow: Rose was inspired by how well Zeo was able to work as a human plow. As a result, in this cross, she attacks by plowing through or into people.

Cross Sigs:

Description: Rose throws her PeT at the target. This doesn't really hurt, but it's fairly surprising. She also has to rush to recover it afterwards.
Effects: [1 Action Stun [20] + Tactical Move [20] = 40]
Cost: 40
Cooldown: 1 TCD

Take Down:
Description: Rose plows at high speed into someone, causing them to stumble, and dealing minimal pain.
Effects: [Tactical Move [20] + 10 damage [10] + Knockback [10] = 40]
Cost: 40
Cooldown: 1 TCD

Pool Remaining: (0/80)


Just Kidding Again. I already did this joke, I know.

Now for real again.


ViralCross SummonerMan

Thanks to a strong bond between their operators, SummonerMan and ViralMan gained a cross.

Appearance: SummonerMan's appearance changes for this cross.

His bodysuit, surprisingly enough, only changes slightly. It becomes a few shades lighter, becoming a dark gray instead of black.

His headband disappears, or one could assume it does, as SummonerMan's head is covered in a helmet. The helmet has a black visor which covers SummonerMan's eyes, and is a lighter gray than his body suit. The sides end at the emblems that cover where his ears would be, which remain where they are, though they gain antennae shooting diagonally upwards and backwards.

SummonerMan's plain gloves become large gauntlets, colored a light gray to match his helmet. Other than being large and gray there isn't much to them.

He gains boots that are larger, and again, lighter gray, coming halfway up his shins. These aren't quite as large as his gauntlets, but still are a change from usual.

Around his waist he gains two plain belts, each one purple, like his cloak had been. They hang loosely over his hips, crooked, forming an X near his waist. Both feature one black leather holster, on opposite sides of his body, containing a small pistol.

The final change is in his cloak. It shrinks significantly, becoming a handkerchief of the same color. It is tied in the back, leaving a triangle pointing downwards on his chest. It is there to keep the color in his outfit and also to adorn his otherwise unadorned neck area.

Custom Weapon: SummonerMan uses a fairly basic buster in this form, firing small pellets of gray light from barrels of his twin pistols. He may also punch with his fairly heavy guantlets.

For charged shots, he charges and fires both guns at once, or winds up before the punch for extra power.

Cross Sigs:

Glitch Gatling:
Description: SummonerMan fires off three rapid shots of corrupted data, in succession and at separate targets. Each one has negative effects in store for whoever is hit by them.
Effects: [3 x Glitch [20x3=60] MultiTarget(Spread amongst 3 Targets) = 60 - (Free Instance of Glitch) = 40]
Cost: 40
Cooldown: 2 TCD

CC: Slow:
Description: Core Corruption: Slow is delivered through a shot of corrupted data fired at the target. It causes strings of data to disengage from where they should be, leaving small pinpoint holes in the victim. These strings then reattach themselves elsewhere on the body, leaving threads connecting various parts of the body. This doesn't halt movement, as they break easily and will reattach themselves at a moment's notice. It does, however, hinder movement, slowing the victim's movements.
Effects: [Slow[40] = 40]
Cost: 40
Cooldown: 1 TCD

Pool Remaining: (0/80)

Maybe I'll come up with a RoseCross for level 2, but as of now I think I've held this up long enough.

Level: 1
Element: Normal
Subtype: Summon

Description: Most of ViralMan's outward appearance changes with SummonerCross. The change as a whole culminates in a dark-hued knight's armor, covering every part of ViralMan's body aside from his head, which is bare. The suit of armor fits him well, and includes a flowing purple cape that just reaches the ground. His gauntlets from his normal form remain mostly unchanged, aside from each one becoming adorned with a simple symbol: a heart on the left glove and a spade on the right. The card suit motif is also shown on a purple metal staff ViralMan carries and a diamond-faced shield. The staff has a heavy looking club at the end that can be used for striking things, and the shield is relatively small and rectangular (approx. two feet from top to bottom).

Signature Attacks (60/80 points used)
Reinforcements (60): The four suit symbols on ViralMan's armor glow briefly before four objects shaped like the symbols appear in a line before him. Each one is around four feet across and four feet tall, and can be used for cover. They are made of metal and are about six inches thick. The heart and diamond objects are red, while the club and spade objects are black. (Four 20HP objects, 15 points each due to Blueprints)
*clears throat*