Amadeo and LongShot.EXE

Name: Amadeo Celino (Nick name: Adam)
Age: 18
Gender: Male

Appearance: Stands at 5'6 with blue eyes, his hair is a sandy brown with a few blond highlights that's usually kept in a bowl like cut that grows a little longer as it goes around the back, in the front it stops just above his eyebrow. His skin is a light Italian, it's like a constant near tan all year round. He typically wears a large t-shirt, loose and baggy with a pair of black jeans typically just as baggy though they have extra pockets for carrying electronics, be it his PET, chips, or other devices. His shirts typically have some reference to Network battling, thanks to his older brother he's always been interested in getting into Battling and it shows in the shirts he tends to ware. Shoe wise he wares something akin to skating shoes, flat bottoms, no real curve at all on the side with a light brown color to them and white trim along the bottom.

Personality: When it comes to the net he's slightly cocky, having practiced with the help of his brother the 'greatest battler around' (hey he was young and impressionable and his brother bragged a bit...) but once odds are turned against him he tends slowly degrade into a panic like state. If he's not battling he can typically be found cruising about on his skate board. He tends to keep to him self preferring to open up when others come to him, or when he happens to over hear talk about net battles, in which case he'll be more inclined to chime in on his favored past time.

PET Modifications: A limited Encyclopedia, allows Amadeo to record information as he learns of new chips, Navi, and Viruses uploading it to his computer at home. The amount saved to his PET is only 1gig.

Name: Longshot.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Cursor

Appearance: His body suit is a light gray. His shoulders have smooth rounded armor on them, the left one has a slight indent for resting his buster in and are a dark tan color. From the shoulder down to the elbow his arm is just covered by the body suit, elbow to his hand is a tear shaped gauntlet that is segmented at the wrists and knuckles, his fingers covered when holding his buster by a small D shaped joint over top of them. His chest piece is slightly more square on the back rounding at the front with a large power symbol (the generic PC/Mac one) this symbol is normally gray when out of combat turning a lime green when he starts fighting, once again a light tan. His hip has a skirt like belt, a long flap going down the back with diamond like pattern. On the side are smaller flaps with pouches on them for ammo (Sig abilities require he draw the shot type or mod for his weapon from these pouches) and the front has a split skirt that runs down to the knee on each leg. Each leg is covered in light plated armor with a slight opening to the knee for flexibility. On his head is a helmet that has a wide D shap opening for his face stopping just above his brown eyebrows with green eyes. The helmet is smooth minus the sides lower down by the jaw were it extends out. When in combat the chin pieces come together and extend out a bit displaying a hologram over LongShot's face to use for on the fly aiming and information gathering for the PET system.

Personality: Calm and collected, unlike his Operator he's far less likely to let a battle go to his head. He's a rather friendly sort, willing to chat with other Navi's and always willing to take a few pointers from those who are better then him. He does however have space issues, he doesn't like it when people physically are close to him. Even more so if it's in a fight.

Custom Weapon: Based off an old WWII Anti Tank Rifle, the clip load is on the bottom with a large block like scope on the top, generally its more square and block like then the original rifle, the barrel being slightly shorter with a wider opening for charged shots.

Note: When chips are sent the rifle will typically change, in events of a shotgun, the barrel will be snapped down creating a 'sawn off' looking shotgun, swords will allow the barrel to be removed revealing a sword ect. Some Chips however will still summon a weapon too his off hand such as a rage claw.

Signature Attack: Heavy Round Shot Type Attack (60 Damage) 2TCD Longshot loads a single heavy .50 round into his buster instead of using a chip or the regular blast, it's nothing fancy simple, clean, and somewhat painful!
Wow, this is a solid reg if I've ever seen one. Easy approval.

GET CHIP: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun
GET NCP: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Attack+1, Charge+1
GET SUBCHIP: 2x MiniEnergy

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