MeleeCross Changes

The Mega-Ultimate of Champion, Mass, ascends to a new level! When a new set of MeleeMan's combat emulation routines are integrated into Rass' 3L3M system and spread throughout his physiological and emotional processors, a new warrior appears! Initially, Mass' body expanded to roughly double its size due to a set of sizable muscles. Now, Mass has ascended to a new level of fisting! His normally red crimson aura grows in brightness and intensity, transforming to a brilliant white and sending sparklets across the battlefield. Mass' eyes still glow a firey red, but his brown spiky hair lengthens and becomes a bright shade of silver. The ensemble is rounded out by the crimson bolts of lightning that occasionally play across his body - a sign of the massive influx of heat data that courses through his circuits. From an attitudinal standpoint, Mass doesn't change all that much, though it's possible that he's even more overconfident and arrogant than before, given his newfound power.

+15 to fire chips
+20 HP
+1 Speed (capped at 6)

Also, because Mass' "Obliterating" signature is illegal, and Super Savior Ascension was made on the assumption that it would work with the "Obliterating" series of attacks, I'd like to scrap everything for the following signature.

Soul Fist: Savior Flash
Teleport + 10 hits of 1 + Slashing + Strengthen 60
The mega-ultimate of fighter has adopted the legendary Soul Fist as his chosen battle style. Unable to fully grasp the philosophy of the vaunted art, however, the M.A.S.S. sees the Soul Fist as the use of dominating brute force to simply overpower a target. As such, Mass' version of MeleeMan's signature style relies on little more than sheer speed and strength to shatter his opponent's body and spirit. The Savior Flash is the first such technique, and begins with Mass channeling the majority of his system resources into destructive energies, manifested in a brilliant crimson aura. These volatile energies can be fused with any other attack, increasing the power by a significant amount. As soon as sufficient power is corrected, Mass teleports to a more strategic position (usually, in Mass' case, point-blank range) and disperses his aura toward the intended target. The discharging of the aura sends scything winds spiraling in all directions, blasting away at most conventional shields and knocking opponents off guard. The teleportation is immediately followed by a tremendous attack as the stored energy is released in a blast of crimson light. This barbaric blow transforms even the weakest battlechips and attacks into a high-powered onslaught of brutal energy.