It's getting kind of boring playing Junior, what with him being so polite, humble, and flinging around honorifics, so I wanna switch navis. However, my netop is staying the same and as such I'm keeping my upgrades, so I believe that this wouldn't fall under the category of Shelving. Not sure if or when I'll switch back, it mostly depends on who is more fun and how long it takes to figure that out. Now then, story explanation time:

After the tournament, it was decided that Junior was probably too soft to fight effectively against many navi opponents. As such, Majinman offered to seal Junior in an orb, which would put his mind through emotional draining tests, to harden his resolve. Figuring that he was the only one cruel enough to create any tests that would seriously challenge Junior, Majinman decided to keep the orb on him at all times, so that he would be able to psychically transmit the ordeals to Junior as he came up with them. Also, since this would leave Junior unable to serve as Wes's navi, Majinman volunteered quite happily to let Junior transfer his upgrades to him and work in his place. Due to the Process Upgrades he recieved, Majinman grew to appear just over 10 years old.

Name: Majinman.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Wind
Appearance: The age Majinman appears to be varies based on his Signature Attack points. Since they are the main way to measure his power, he physically matures as he accumulates them and increases his power. Every 100 points equals a year. (Will probably update his appearance every 300 points and keep track of his current age in my signature)
Current Stage: Preteen: He now stands about an inch over four feet and appears to be roughly humanoid. He has purple skin, blue blood, and red, curly hair cut short, about two to three inches long. His black horns, which stick out from beneath his hair, have now grown to be about three inches long and three fourths of an inch thick. An earring hangs from each of his ears, both of them simply being a gold loop. His eyes are red and he also have black, pointed finger nails. He wears a plain, red vest that hangs down far enough to overlap his pants a bit. The buttons of the vest have been torn off so that it hangs open at all times, exposing part of his chest. On his right wrist, he wears a thin black band which a row of short spikes encircle. Majinman wears a pair of black jeans, long enough to meet his shoes. In the front on either side are pockets which he tends to stick his hands in when stuck waiting and attached to a belt loop is a small, brown sack which he stores Junior's orb in. His shoes are red and on the toe of each a long, sharp point juts out, giving his kicks a bit more menace. His navi symbol is a face sharp, jagged teeth and narrow eyes, with a funky looking M over them, serving as a unobrow. This pattern is circled and tattooed on the side of his right shoulder.
Personality: Majinman was an attempt to copy Majin Wes's mind into a navi to either take over Requiem if something happened to him or serve as a guide to whoever it was that took over. He tried tinkering with a busted Pulse In device to achieve the results he wanted and it about half worked. While all of his memories and knowledge transferred, the personality came out quite off. The navi was very eccentric and perverted. Considered a failure, he was sealed away in the homepage, asleep. Eventually Majin Wes decided to give the navi a chance and allowed his apprentice to decide whether he was worthwhile or not.
Back to the present, Majinman is, as said before, eccentric and pervy. He's also fairly intelligent. Of course, if he has some idea that might benefit someone else, he's prone to tease them with hints rather than come right out and say it. This is especially true with Junior, who he treats like a kid. He spends a lot of time trying to aggrivate him though it might just be his odd way of trying to help him to try harder and improve himself. He seems to be on pretty good terms with Wes, his current netop. When being designed, he programmed to have traits of supernatural beings, hence his name. Of course, he seems to take most of his abilities and features from demons, which might explain his deviations in personality. Often times in battle, he'll try toying with his opponent with tricks in an attempt to break them down mentally.
Custom Weapon: None. He simply punches, kicks, headbutts, knees, whatevers his foes into submission uses his own body and brutality as the means to do so.
Signature Attack: regging this separate, since I have a few of them.


Meekman: Since Majinman doesn't wish to have to hide his identity when doing Requiem stuff, he has a disguise for everyday things, so that it won't cast suspicion upon Wes (not that he's done a very good job hiding his identity himself). Thus, he takes the form of a blue heelnavi, plain and simple.

And.... that should do it. Hope I didn't forget anything.
Makes sense to me. Rebirth approved.