Alright, apparently something IC stops Cereal from crossing, but I got permission to do so for Voltman...

Quote (MagicCereal)

Due to IC reasons, SplashMan can't use Crosses. However, there's absolutely no reason you can't get a cross yourself...after all, how often is it that you can get an Aqua-element cross here? Not to mention that SplashCross is awesome anyway, and should be gotten at all costs.

And, the FXP can be seen in the results of these two battles...

Quote (Total FXP=31)

Finding the IDT Team: Part 1! (FXP: 6)
Finding the IDT Team: Part 2! (FXP: 25)

So, without further ado!

Level 1 SplashCross
Element/Subtype: Aqua/Normal

When Voltman activates Splashcross, his appearance still stays fairly unchanged, albeit with a few distinct variations. Gone are the lightning rods that had been attached to his shoulders, replaced by transparent globes filled with water. His helmet becomes likewise altered, the top strip of the helmet turning into a glass dome filled with purest water. The armor on his lower arms becomes encased in transparent cylinders filled with water, and the armor on his legs turns blue with grey/black stripes across it all the way down.

Default Buster: With the change element comes a different incarnation of the spears that he seldom uses. Gone is the electricity, replaced by spearheads of crystalline ice.

Cross Signature Attack:
Aqua Blast (60/60 used)
Type: Active (Cap: 180)
Description: SplashCross Voltman, with the majority of his armor now being comprised of water, can divert large amounts of water to a cannon on his arm, replicating one of Splashman's signature attacks!
Damage: 60 Aqua
That cool sprite beckons me to approve this.