We've got 30 FXP, so why not? Shin, could I get permission for this?

RedCross ("Binared")
Level: 1
Element: Normal
Subtype: Wind
Bonus: +10 to Normal-type chips.


As per the usual for Binary, his natural instinct in making crosses is to take the standard appearance of the other Navi, and modify it to match their personality. In the case of Red_Riding_Hood.EXE, Binary takes the form and personality of a young girl, with brown hair done up in hairpins and big expressive brown eyes, wearing a traditional cherry-red kimono. The kimono is patterned with light pink cherry blossoms swirling in an invisible wind, with a checkered blue and white obi that curls into a massive bow at the back. Little brown slippers can be barely seen poking from the hem. She constantly holds a bento box in her hands, but never opens it until it is needed in battle. In battle, it becomes her method of wielding chips by pulling food-related items out of it. Her massive, flattened bow and enormous sleeves can also let her glide and dance on the passing breezes she can seem to control.

Custom buster: Binared's bento box serves as her buster, by way of her pulling various kinds of food or candy out of the box. Usually the objects pulled out of the box are disproportionate to the box, to the point of being comical (eg: pulling a full french bread out of the small bento)

Charge Shot: See above, though usually the charge shot will be something even more ridiculous and reality-defying.

Cross Sig: Kawaii Sakuran <(Cute Distraction)>

Using a commonly seen ninja technique, Binared creates two copies of herself, and mixes herself with the copies. Binared can channel attacks through the decoys to make it appear that all of them are real, and all three appear to travel faster than normal. This is only partly a ruse; Binared is actually running faster than normal, but the strain of moving that fast and making the clones appear to be moving that fast actually starts to cause her physical damage.

Effects: Decoy x2, Haste, Sacrifice 15

Cooldown: 2 turns
Cap: 60/60

Also, post save for BinaryCross since I'm going skiing this weekend. I'll do the full stuff on Monday.


Cross Name: Silver Moon
Level: 1
Element/Subtype: Normal/Normal
Bonus: +10 to Normal Chips


What Binary transferred over to Red was really his excess data. By herself, Red cannot fully contain the excess data in her body, thus creating a cross that supports this new information flowing through her systems. The red-caped wonder's shoulder length hair now extends down to her knees and turns a silver shade. Her eyes take the same shade as her hair as well, and two crimson ribbons are adorned in the flowing warrior's long hair at the sides of the top of her head. She now wears a white tank-top with a blue, sleeveless blouse that reaches down to half her upper legs on the top of her body, while only having a pair of black sports briefs worn on the bottom half. Bracelets adorn her wrists and ankles. They are of a dark, chocolate brown shade with yellow diamond shapes patterned around the outside. In the process of controlling this Cross, Red has limited her emotional responses while concentrating on maintaining the excess data in her body so she won't collapse into a puddle of goo.

Custom Buster: The excess data running through Silver Moon's body manifests into random weapons on her ligaments which she can use to attack the opponent. (i.e. Turning her hair into a fist and punching someone)

Charge Shot: Possibly a more dramatic version of Silver Moon's transformation abilities. (i.e. Growing wings and firing a bunch of steel feathers at the opponent)

Signature Attacks:

Pool: 60 Points

Name: Adaptibility

Description: Taking on the properties of Binary's flexible, amorphous body in the form of excess data, Silver Moon can increase the size of some attacks she uses for a while by channeling that excess data into them.

Mechanics: Creates a pool of 60 DMG points which can be spread among any attack for one turn. (60 points)

Cooldown: 2 Turns