PianissimoCross Sig Change

I've really thought about this and I figured out, "Rhasphody in Red" is a little iffy on usefulness, so I reworked all of my planned PianissimoCross sigs, and I'll start with the first, since I don't really have a level 2 now do I?

Level 1 Cross Sig Original: Rhasphody in Red
[Slow to one opponent and deals 20 DMG] 2 turn cooldown. 60/60 points.

Level 1 Cross Sig NEW: Haineko no Mai [Trans: Dance of the Ash Cat]
Red draws her sword and charges her energy into it, exuding a black flaming aura around herself. She then chants, "Haineko no Mai" and disappears behind a folding screen. A puff of smoke indicates her teleportation and she reappears with the opening of a folding screen wherever she chooses, usually behind the opponent, and then slashes at the designated target with her sword.
[-1 action Charge Time (-30)
-Teleport (50)
-Slashing 40 DMG (40) B Accuracy]
90/(60+30) or 90/90 Cross Points used.
Kay, looks good.