S.A.S.S. — Super Adventure: Support System

Total FXP:45 [Level 1 Cross]

Quote ('Friendship Source Points')

Humble Beginnings:  Netfrica awaits!

[3 Battles, 15 points total]

Science and Technology:  Busting in Scilabs!

[3 Battles, 15 points total]

Delicious Drama:  Trouble in Yumland!

[3 battles, 15 points total]

Seraphim is a borderline insane navi with delusions of grandeur. Fortunately for Erin, however, the obsession with the stereotypical hero cliché is only as deep as his personality. Seraphim may treat life as a video game, but he is necessarily limited by the rigid rules that define programming. He will always be a hero, but he will never be the hero. After all, it's impossible to change the parameters of the network itself, or the rigid rules of combat, right?


Continual exposure to Seraphim's core personality, combined with residual data from battling alongside him, transformed Rass' systems into a horrible monstrosity. In an effort to round out the holes in the encoded personality, the R.A.S.S. sent out a network download search to find compatible data to integrate within the program. Because Seraphim's personality is so steeped in video game lore, the system ended up downloading an illegal rom for a popular children's role-playing game and collectible phenomenon: Super Adventure Battle Monsters IV. Combining with the fusionist protoplasm, the game code ended up giving the three subsystems their greatest wish: freedom.

When Super Adventure: Support System is initialized, Rass undergoes a startling change. His scarf flows across his entire body, becoming a nondescript pink T-shirt and black pants. His skin transforms into a normal human tan color, and his helmet fades away, revealing a head of unkempt silvery hair. Rass' eyes are the only thing that remains unchanged, maintaining their normal pink color. Three chunks of Rass' fusionist protoplasm break off into small circular black objects. When thrown, these objects transform into one of the subsystems below, essentially giving them freedom and corporeal form. Unfortunately for them, however, they're limited to saying only their own names. Naturally, only one of them may be thrown at a time, and since they possess the core functions, these subsystems are primarily responsible for attack and defense. While a subsystem is active, Sass becomes a shell, remotely giving out directions while the Battle Monster deals and receives all damage from attacks. Sass himself can battle, but generally prefers to use his Battle Monsters to do the battling for him.

Sass' personality becomes starkly idealistic for the duration of the battle. Believing in justice, truth, and his own abilities, he blindly charges into the fray, sending his support systems to do the fighting for him. The support systems are unchanged in their personalities, but are generally unable to voice their exasperation due to the verbal limitations placed on their form.

Level 1 SeraphimCross - Rass becomes Normal/Target, +10 to Normal-element chips.

Cross Signatures: 60/60 used

Battle Monster: KitTem — An odd catlike creature with fins for ears. KitTem possesses a lithe form, soft white fur with light-blue stripes, and dainty paws. Her piercing blue eyes emit a soft glow. Sword and melee-range chips are used by her claws, and most other chips are fired from her mouth. KitTem's voice is an extremely cute, extremely feminine, and extremely high-pitched one. As such, she generally doesn't talk, preferring to instead glare her disapproval when the situation warrants.

Decoy, 1TC = 20 Cap

Battle Monster: Ishamech — A cybernetic bipedal clawed beast clad in silver armor plating. Ishamech is a dangerous-looking monstrosity, easily towering over his two counterparts. His single mechanical eye flashes crimson when he locks onto a single target, and two high-caliber cannons on his back launch any ranged chips with speed and accuracy. Razor sharp claws blaze with charged energy when melee-range chips are activated. Ishamel is the subsystem that changes remarkably little when transformed into his battle monster form, and his constant mechanical peals of ISH-ISH-ISH-A-MECH! aren't too far from his normal voice. It should be noted that Tem is slightly jealous of this form.

Decoy, 1TC = 20 Cap

Battle Monster: Argoyle — Argo's Battle Monster form is a fearsome abomination. Standing only slightly taller than Rass, Argoyle is a hunched-over winged demon with green skin and massive, gangly arms that resemble a gorilla's. His grotesque face is crowned with a trio of horns, and massive razor-sharp teeth adorn his perpetual scowl. Although he cannot technically fly, his batlike wings unfold to an impressive wingspan. His weapon is a fierce-looking iron blade that charges itself with chip energy, using it to fire off projectiles and slice through data and network alike.

Decoy, 1TC = 20 Cap
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Decoy: 20 (per decoy, per round) [Creates a copy (or copies) of self to confuse opponent.]

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