M.E.L.E.E. Synthesis

Total 'Friend Experience Points':45 [Level 1 Cross]

Quote ('Friendship Source Points')

Humble Beginnings:  Netfrica awaits!

[3 Battles, 15 points total]

Science and Technology:  Busting in Scilabs!

[3 Battles, 15 points total]

Delicious Drama:  Trouble in Yumland!

[3 battles, 15 points total]

Personality & Appearance changes:

Seraphim.exe has seemingly been around Meleeman.exe long enough to absorb enough data, taking the time to format it into the form of a cross, after time and it has finally settled, creating its very own form in the way of M.E.L.E.E. Synthesis, short for Monohybrid Eidolon Loop Error Exploiter Synthesis, which causes Seraphim.exe to literally employ methods to hack the time of the net itself, mostly for personal effect or to create dramatics. Seraphim.exe's base program is shut down to be replaced with the personality of someone, if at all possible, more into justice and heroics than Seraphim.exe is. The new persona is determined to stop evil in all its forms, and while it does not have the extensive knowledge that Seraphim.exe does, it does know things such as the Power of Friendship, along with the Power of Courage, with many other clichéd remarks. The new format is very 'family based', referring to allies as 'bro', or denying them the name of 'brother' when they are 'not worthy of it'.

The transformation of Seraphim.exe's base imaged model involves the complete transformation of his upper coat, making it into a complete black and red overcoat, undone and without sleeves. Its collar is folded, and has what looks like linked glasses lenses in a skull on the back, which are encased in that of a stylized fireball. The same design appears on the right shoulder of the overcoat, sans the skull. On the front is a giant red M, separated by the opening of the jacket. Seraphim.exe is depicted as not wearing a shirt underneath the overcoat, showing a fit musculature but wrapped in some bandages near the waist. At the neck, there is what looks to be a choker with a watch face on it, showing the time constantly, but not always what the usual time looks to be. Seraphim.exe's hair becomes longer, darker and spikier, the antennae-like-protrusion of hair hanging out to the side. Oversized gauntlets encase M.E.L.E.E.'s hands, steaming when he performs his attacks, as well as sometimes bursting into 'soulful flames'. On the center of the gauntlet's hands is a timer, which is how he both controls and tells how much time is left for each effect. Seraphim.exe's leggings alter into proper pants, with a dual belt, crossed to hold them in place properly. His shoes remain their dramatic iron-skidding based, just in case the hero needs to skid to a stop dramatically properly. Additionally, M.E.L.E.E. has a pair of goggles which rest around his neck, occasionally drawn up to his eyes for protection or dramatics.


-Fire Element
-Break Subtype
-+10 to all Fire-Element chips.

Cap spent:60


Quote (M.E.L.E.E. Möbius Skill)

M.E.L.E.E. Möbius System:Mach Speed!:

Mach Speed! is a simple overclocking of the M.E.L.E.E., causing it to move at speeds usually unheard of for a navi, enabling the user to use that speed to do things such as close in on an opponent, get in the proper place for an attack, charge, even shift position and lunge for a jab. M.E.L.E.E. generally refers to the attack with terms such as 'the power of our hearts', or 'overload!'  While the attack can help to barrage the foe with attacks, the speeding up actually begins to burn M.E.L.E.E.'s skin from moving at such high speeds.


[1:] 1 Haste for 1 turn.

[2:] 2 Free Actions (Tactical Movement) for 1 turn.

[2:] 15 Lifeburn.

Turn Cooldown
-2 CD

(Note: I do believe there's another 5 points floating around somewhere, but I'll deal with that later.)
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