Cross Updates

Actually, hold up, I'd like to switch around some sigs a bit. I'll post when it's ready.
For starters I get 60 points of sig for SeraphimCross, so I'd like to allocate that.

Lvl 1 SeraphimCross Sigs:

Yellow Materia: Slots yellow materia into MeleeMan's gauntlets. The materia increases his reflexes allowing him to pull off unnaturally well-aimed blows, even in the heat of hand-to-hand combat.

Effect: Accuracy Enhancement (40)
Cooldown: 1 TCD

Also, I'd like to register a Lvl 2 RassCross with my friendship points. Here's 40 unused points to look at.

15 points busting in Netfrica.

15 points busting in Scilabs.

10 points busting in Scilabs

With this, I'd like to register 120 points worth of new cross sigs.

Lvl 2 RassCross Sigs:

Spew System: MeleeMan spews one of his support systems from his chest as a sticky ball of goo, which dissolves into a puddle of bubbling hot liquid.
Effect: Lava Panel seed effect and 80 damage with splash, 3 TCD (120)
A bit early of a bump, but I need to make sure it's bumped before my internet cuts out.
Both approved, unless Eon/Sky intervenes.