DNR/Raiden Cross

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Type/Suptype: Elec/Normal
Bonus: +10 to Elec Chips, Gains Untapped Potential
Description: Rejoice for the Doctor has gained the cross through his Punch-Greeting friendship with Raidene! This cross is accessed through a rather copied and weakened version of the CTRL program that is unique from the God navi. As the cross boots up, the immediate area of where DNR is begins to fade out into a grey color to gain the power needed for activation. His personality adapts to the network like Raidene, with the exception of Electown, Scilabs, ACDC and the Netsquare, for the CTRL program isn't as complete or powerful. Cylindrical yellow bracers can be found around his wrists and ankles, spawning smaller triangles of metal that cover the backs of DNR's hands and the tops of his boots. Each of the navi's sides have a long rectangular plate attached to them, from his hip to his knee. All of his attacks, like Raiden, comprise of utilizing the Area he's in like fashioning his Myocardium Scalpel Sword from the Metal Panels of Netopia for instance.

(NOTE: Will be retooled after EN's Subplot!)
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Type/Subtype: Elec/Sword

Bonus: +10 to Elec Chips, gains Swordplay

Description: Raiden's hair changes from its chestnut brown to a glowing white. A cotton disease mask covers his nose and mouth. He loses all of his armour (except for his boots), and it is replaced by a tattered and bloodstained doctor's coat. An identification card is clipped to the lapel of the coat, but the photograph on it is of a horrible demon.

Custom Weapon: A seven-foot scalpel made of loosely gathered blue-green lightning, the same colour as many hospital uniforms and walls.

Personality: Every one of Raiden's personalities is augmented with a generous helping of unfiltered insanity. There is a permanently crazy glow in his eyes while the Cross is active. His movements become erratic and unpredictable, and he is prone to rambling off on tangents that have absolutely nothing to do with current matters.
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