Alexander and Ozho

Age: 30
hight: 5foot, 10 inch
eyes: blue
build: kind of skinny
hair: black
He orginated from sharo, where he became a expert in dismanteling and acembling bombs. He does not talk about his past for a reason, which mostly involes events that happens 4 years ago. The only hints of his past is his prosistic right arm , a burned and melted PET and, if you ever get to look at him without sunglasses, the sharpnel in his left eye. His personality is somewhat carefree, but series under cerent conditions. He tends to wear a threnchcoat out in public with wires hanging out, but otherwise, normal cloths.

type: none
sub type: none
He is a tall black Navi that wears a very dark blue robe and blue pants. He has white hair and deep blue eyes.

This navi has no reculation of four years ago. He knows the value of comarades and will protect them when they are in danger. His personality is being board most of the time, unless something new happens.

custem buster: Ozho drive.
All this does is when he uses a chip, it will not look like it normaly does in the battle network games. Using cannon and guard as expamles, cannon will not genorate a cannon on his arm, but insteade, a ball of energy will appear in front of his hand and he fires it at his foes. And guard will not be a met shield, but a tall shield made of angel feathers.

lvl one sig: holy jugdement
A pentagarm will appear under the opponet, and will emenite a large amount of holy energy stright up. Deals 60 damage to one target.

legacy stuff. Wideshot, two miniboomers, and the lvl2 sig Voucher.

(Also, I was soul unisioned wih someone in the last fourm, so when do I have to deside about what to do for it?......sorry for an misspellings, I kind of did this on my laptop, which has notepad and not word.)
Mind adding what Alexander typically wears? Unless he's gonna run around naked, in which case.... please add clothes. As for the Soul Unison, we dropped them for Crosses and neither are carried over.
He never bothered to get a new PET?
There, edited what he wears. And demonstar, he also has a normal PET that he uses, and majin, the reason why I asked about the soulunision was because of something I found in the rules. Which I will now quote.

Quote ()

If you currently have an active SU with someone, you may either ditch it and recieve 2500z, or you may count it as 2 links. If you have a blank chip, pretend it never existed-- you now have 2500 more zenny.
Ah, yeah. That was when they were first introduced. It was telling people what to do with the ones they already had. Course, that part's kind of obsolete now... Anyway, now that he's not naked in my mind, Approved!

GET: Newbie Chip Pack: Cannon x1, Shotgun x1, RageClaw x1
GET: Newbie NaviCust Pack: Undershirt, Attack +1, Rapid +1, Charge +1

Post profiles were needed.