Voulge's Conflict

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Chapter 1: Encounter with the past
Chapter 2: Desperate Call
Chapter 3: -
Chapter 4: -
Chapter 5: -

Xyston [Fire / Guts]
Weapon: Spear
Base: Squire

Stiletto [Wood / Speed]
Weapon: Dagger
Base: Assassin

Atlatl [Elec / Cursor]
Weapon: Firearm/Projectile
Base: Oriental

Seax [Fire / Sword]
Weapon: Sword
Base: Knight / Roman

Valaška [Aqua / Melee]
Weapon: Two Handed weapons [Axe/Hammer]
Base: Viking

Onager [Normal / Summon]
Weapon: Siege Engines
Base: Tactician

Guige [Deceased] [Elec / Shield]
Weapon: Shield
Base: Priest

Alphonse [Fire / Speed]
Weapon: Gauntlet
Base: Gentleman / Infighter
Chapter 1 Characters (INCOMPLETE)

Name: Xyston.EXE / Esquire.EXE

Gender: Male

Element: Fire

Sub-Type: Guts

Apperance: An enigmatic navi who stands to about 6'0, wearing layers after layers of heavy black and blue armor to conceal his entire body. His head is also covered with a helmet that looks to be a metallic dragon head. Underneath the helmet reveals a heavily pale face with deep blue eyes and small amount of blonde hairs sticking out from the top. The armor covers Xyston from head to toe, covered in countless scratches and cuts. The arm is covered in a thick gauntlet with a leather glove for heightened grip; the torso is coated with so much armor that it could collapse any regular navi with its weight; the legs is also coated with multiple layers, from greaves to full plate leggings.

Personality: Hot-blooded and confident, the navi won't think twice about attacking head front against an enemy. However, he is also heavily driven to exact revenge on Voulge for what he has done. Xyston may look menacing and powerful with the armors he is wearing; he actually lacks battle experience and relies on the power he received from the "Prenuncius" Due to this, he may rely on his gut feelings and very likely to make mistakes on the battlefield.

Background: Esquire is the original name of the navi, only receiving the new name after joining "Prenuncius." In the past, he looked up to Voulge as a certain role model, but felt abandoned when Voulge suddenly disappeared. As the new member of the organization, Xyston is the first one to encounter Voulge.

Custom Weapon:
Vendo-Lancea (Betraying Lance):

Signature Attack:

Chip Folder:

Level: 20
Type: Fire
Sub-Type: Guts
HP: 800
Attack: 5
Rapid: 3
Charge: 1
Actions: 3