Sarah and Basilisk.EXE

Since I've been gone for... forever and a day, it seems fitting that I should probably try to begin again. I'm re-registering with the characters I had before, adjusted to show the passing of time, but I'm not going to carry anything over and will go with the newbie pack. It's been at least a year if not two, she probably sold or used her things :B

If I'm doing thing wrong, please tell me. It's been a while and will probably make a bunch of mistakes.

Name: Sarah Tustin
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Appearance: Sarah is 5"6', with shoulder-length black hair, brown eyes, and somewhat pale skin. She looks slightly Asian, although it's only in the face. She's somewhat overweight, something she is aware of. Her general wardrobe consists loose t-shirts, sometimes with pictures or phrases on them, and blue jeans, along with a black windbreaker with a blue interior. In colder weather she'll wear a thicker red and white jacket. Both of these have large pockets, and she'll keep all sorts of things in them such as paper scraps, mechanical pencils, and loose change. She also wears a pair of brown hiking shoes, which have probably never been used for actual hiking.

Personality: Many seem to find Sarah far more mature than her age would show, and yet at the same time seems to be rather childish. Despite her age, she doesn't seem to be quite ready for the adult world, and still enjoys things that would normally be enjoyed by children. She also tends to be quiet around people she doesn't know or doesn't want to talk to, but will talk openly with friends and people who she thinks are friendly.
Having siblings much younger than her has made her quite tolerant, and she rarely ever seems to get angry. She also dislikes conflict, and usually will try to resolve it when it involves friends of her. However, while she rarely gets angry, she does get annoyed or exasperated, and will often simply get up and walk away if she doesn't want to deal with situations. She's also prone to panicking when things start to go wrong, and often needs to be calmed down by others or her Navi so she can think rationally again.
Sarah's a computer geek and is fairly good with technology. She could almost be considered 'gifted', but she lacks the drive to make particularly complex things, and most of the time she just fixes and upgrades existing tools.

PET Modifications: Her PET has a dark green body with basic black trim. It has the ability to store a gigabyte of data. It can also show a first-person view of what Basilisk sees through her visor.

Name: Basilisk (V.2)
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Type: Wind

Appearance: Basilisk has the build of a teenage female, with tanned skin and purple eyes with slitted pupils. Most of her body is covered with a pale green bodysuit, which has a rough texture and appearance reminiscent of reptile skin. Double silver lines run along the outer sides of the arms, body, and legs of the jumpsuit. She has dark green gauntlets that cover most of her forearms, with slightly clawed fingers and silver lines along the sides and around the top. Silver, diamond-shaped spikes jut over the elbows. Her boots are the same color, with silver lines along the sides and tops and silver diamond-shaped spikes over the knees. She also has dark green shoulder pads that vaguely resemble a lizard's head, complete with pinpoint 'eyes'.
She has a dark green helmet, with a silver diamond on the front, and backwards facing silver spikes on the sides. A blue tinted visor covers her eyes, which provides minor protection and acts as an HUD.
Finally, on her back are fin-like "wings", like those of a flying fish. The outsides of the wings are dark green, while the insides have dark green rays and silver membranes. They can fold and unfold along her back, and glow slightly when she uses some abilities and attacks.
Her emblem is on her chest, and looks like a blue wave that resembles a roaring dragon on a gray background.

Personality: Basilisk is a relaxed and optimistic Navi, contrasting with Sarah's more nervous and frantic demeanor. She's open and friendly with anyone and easily makes friends. She is fiercely loyal to the friends she makes, and to her operator, and will do just about anything for them. She also hates to leave a job unfinished, and will push on until it's done, Sarah stops her, or she collapses from exhaustion. In return she acts as a guiding influence on her operator, keeping Sarah moving in tough situations and talking her out of panic or depression.
Basilisk is easily annoyed and charges into battle without much though, requiring her operator to hold her back. She's creative in battle and doesn't require much commanding, but she'll accept Sarah's input. This can often lead to some unique strategies.

Custom Weapon: A buster shaped like a lizard's head, which can be formed on either arm. The lizard head's design is usually worked into battlechip attacks. The blasts are blue, and the charged shot looks a bit like a blue comet.

Signature Attack: Geyser Shot
Basilisk charges and fires a blast of high pressure water at a target, dealing damage and knocking them away. 2 turn cooldown.

(50 Damage: 50 points
Knockback: 10 Points
Aqua Element Attribute: Free
Shot Type Attack Attribute: Free
Total: 60 points)
Wow, I actually got beaten in posting an Aqua/Wind Navi. I did not see that coming. XD

Regardless, everything looked good. Approved!

GET CHIP: Rageclaw, Cannon, Shotgun
GET NCP: Undershirt, Rapid+1, Attack+1, Charge+1
GET SUBCHIP: 2x MiniEnergy