Starting writing for my subplot here. Note that this isn't ready for approval, it's just to give people a sneak peak of what I'll be up to.

Name: GladiatorMan (Picture)
Netop: Amelie Demetrius (Picture)
Element: Fire
Subtype: Sword

HP: 400
Speed: 5 actions

Appearance: A heavily muscled, bronze-skinned navi decked out in golden armor of a Roman style. A centurion's strip adorns the top of his helmet, vibrant red in color, and a mid-length brown cape is draped from his back over to cover his right bicep. He wields a large number of weapons, though most of them are not normally carried on him. His natural weapons are a short spatha with a glowing-hot orange blade, carried in his right hand, and a small brown shield strapped to his left arm, bearing a golden lion head adornment. His face is mostly covered by his helmet and mouth-guard, but his eyes are a burning orange color as well. His skin-suit is dark brown. His navi emblem, located on his belt, displays a yellow sword shape over a white circle to represent a shield.

Personality: GladiatorMan is highly serious, ready to put his all into every fight he undertakes. Like MeleeMan, he is highly sure of his abilities; speaking few words, however, he rarely boasts. Unlike MeleeMan, he does not fight for the glory of his own power, but rather, for the thrill and spectacle of combat. He loves both to watch and participate in battles. He enjoys being a showman, though he'd never admit to it. He is very loyal to Adelie, but envies the relationship MeleeMan and Rania seem to have formed. He admires tacticians more than other warriors, as he has often thought himself incapable of devising masterful strategies. In reality, however, his combat prowess is not at all lacking.

Custom Weapon: Hero's Arm- GladiatorMan fights opponents with his mighty spatha. If he charges his attack, he can ignite the blade to create a powerful wave of fire as he attacks. (16 damage rapid, 96 fire damage charge)

Sig Attacks:

--Champion's Torch: GladiatorMan spins his sword once in his hand, then catches it in both as it forms into a long, lion-headed torch. The torch can be used as a flamethrower or attack opponents at melee range. (120 fire damage) 3 TCD

--Survivor's Wit: GladiatorMan focuses his senses to perform feats of unusual battle prowess, even in the heat of combat. (Grants 1 dodge and 1 tactical movement) 1 TCD

--Giant's Sling: Spinning his entire body, gripping an enormous brown sling with both hands, GladiatorMan releases a shower of steel bolas down upon his opponent. (Thrown type attack, 3 hits of 20 damage, each with impact effect) 3 TCD

--Jupiter's Fist: GladiatorMan slams his fist into his opponent with tremendous power, knocking the breath from them and crippling them all at once. (Melee type attack, 100 damage with 1 action stun) 3 TCD

--Tactical Withdrawal: Valuing self-preservation, GladiatorMan protects himself with a tower shield, which forms from his ordinary shield. He uses the time while he's defended to plan his attacks. (100 strength shield created, reduce cooldown on 2 sigs by 1) 5 TCD

-Firehit1 x3
-RageClaw x1
-Fireknife x2
-Sword x1
-Hammer x1
-Wrecker x3
-Quake1 x3
-Gutpunch x1
-Flameline1 x2
-Sonicwave1 x2
-Wavearm1 x2
-DashAttack x1
-Areagrab x1
-Guard1 x3
-Ironshield x2
-Counter1 x1
-Hardbody x1

HP +100, Attack +1 x3, Rapid +1 x2, Charge +1 x3, Shield, Undershirt

--Lvl 2 MiracleCross
-Element: Normal
-Subtype: Recovery
-Appearance: GladiatorMan's armor changes to a more fully-covering style with a white cape draped behind it. His shield becomes larger with a cross mark on the front like that of a crusader and his sword transforms to a thinner, wider-hilted style with a leather pommel. His helmet turns into a tall, flat-topped version with a T-shaped opening for his face.
-King's Favor: GladiatorMan's attacks are blessed with a golden aura that guides them towards his foes weak points. (Add seeking effect to two attacks) 2 TCD
-Righteous Fist: GladiatorMan's fists, powered by the motivation of enforcing his beliefs, produce a gust of divine wind as he attacks. (Add northwind effect to one attack) 1 TCD

Strategy: GladiatorMan goes after the one he deems to be the greatest threat. He values self-preservation and will keep out of a potentially attention-drawing situation. He likes to check his situation before he moves to attack. Dodges fairly frequently. Uses chips and sigs in a fairly even ratio. Dislikes fighting women to some extent. He is not hesitant to use his cross.


Name: MiracleMan (Picture)
Netop: Buddy Arlington (Picture)
Element: Normal
Subtype: Recovery

HP: 200
Speed: 5 actions

Appearance: MiracleMan is a thin man, designed to look older than most navis. His eyes are very wide and timid, but he tries his best to keep a very enthusiastic expression at all times. Many kids comment that his face looks creepy. He dresses in heavy white robes, almost like a pope, with a matching hat baring a cross motif. He carries a tall gold scepter with a cross atop. His posture is usually pretty hunchbacked, so his hat is also used to make him look taller than he actually is. His under-suit is a pale purple color and goes up around his face with the typical navi ear-guards, opening in the back to allow his enormous cape of white hair to hang behind him. The navi symbol upon his hat is a cross with triangular beams shining from it.

Personality: MiracleMan is somewhat of a fanatic when it comes to his religious practices. He insists that everyone have a strong foundation in morality and piousness towards God, but tries to act patient like a teacher (it often doesn't work very well). He acts very old, even more so than he looks some times. He is determined to show students and navis the miracles of God using a virtual medium, insisting that all of his powers come from his rich belief in a higher power. He often speaks to Buddy for guidance.

Custom Weapon: Heaven Sign- Fires a ray of light from the tip of VicarMan's scepter. Honestly isn't very powerful, but supposedly the beam of light is a little reminder of God's presence. (2 damage rapid, 8 damage charged)

Sig Attacks:

--The Great Flood: A torrent of water rushes across the field, spreading as far as the eye can see and creating a deep sea. (Stage change to sea, 3 TCD)

--Gift of Chances: God's favor protects MiracleMan from a potentially deadly attack by moving his feet for him without his control. (2 free action dodges, 2 TCD)

--Blinding Vision: MiracleMan gives his opponents a blinding flash of brilliance, a "mere peek at the glorious figure of God." The action has the side effect, unfortunately for its target, of leaving them blind. (Blinds one target, 2 TCD)

--Enlightenment of Tongue: MiracleMan blesses the speech of one navi with his power, giving them the ability to speak in a moralistic way that purifies their spirit and glorifies God. Unfortunately, it's also in another language, and makes the operator giving them instructions impossible. (Silences one target, 2 TCD)

--Deliverance: God's invisible hand moves MiracleMan to a new location. (Teleport, 2 TCD)

-Zapring1 x 3
-Airshot1 x 3
-Thunder1 x 3
-Recovery 80 x 2
-Recovery 120 x 1
-PanelShot x 2
-DoubleShot x 1
-Elemental Rage x 1
-AirStorm1 x 1
-LilCloud x 1
-Typhoon x 2
-Wind x 2
-Aquawhirl x 1
-Elecreel1 x 2
-DollThunder1 x 2
-Fanfare x 1
-Candle x 1
-Northwind x 1

FloatShoes x1, First Barrier x 1, UnderShirt x1

--Lvl 2 GladiatorCross
-Element: Fire
-Subtype: Recovery
-Appearance: MiracleMan's robes turn into a white toga, still with the same undersuit, falling to somewhere around his feet and wrapping at the waist. His hat shrinks and curls at the tip, becoming like a red, loose-fitting Phrygian cap. The sceptar he wields becomes a bronze spear with a less ornate design. Over the toga, a bronze breastplate is worn, but it looks rather over-sized on MiracleMan.
-Reward for Piety: A bolt of lightning shoots down, striking MiracleMan's enemy as a reward for MiracleMan's piety and service towards God. The lightning does not injure an opponent, but cripples their fighting ability. (Folder Crash to one)

Strategy: MiracleMan prefers to stay as far away from the fighting as possible. He is fairly naive with his strategies and doesn't respond well to failure. He is very quick to pull out his best attacks, whether it's regarding crosses, sigs, or chips.


Name: MasquerMan (Picture)
Netop: Darnetta Jubilee (Picture)
Element: Normal
Subtype: None

HP: 250
Speed: 5 actions

Appearance: MasquerMan has the body of a male in his 20s, very rigidly muscled but also thin, to give him aesthetic appeal. His body, however, is covered by a coarse steel skinsuit somewhat in the design of long johns, over which lies a large yellow greatcoat with an exaggeratedly high back, covering his head completely from back view. Underneath even the steel is another gray skin suit of cloth, cover his head like a bald cap. His skin is green with yellow markings running from the forehead, over each eyelid, and down to his chin. His hands are uncovered and have similar green skin and yellow markings, running from the base to the knuckles and upper half of the middle finger. Just above his brow is another strap of iron, which he attaches his masks to with hooks, also securing them to a similar strap at his chin. His face is almost always covered, but when it is not, it upsets his otherwise attractive figure (sans the ridiculous clothing) with a wide mouth, blocky nose, and liquid eyes of a dull purple color. He has no eyebrows hand his forehead is constantly tensed as though he's worried over something. Unknown to many, he actually has no legs, but moves on something like a coil of metal beneath his coat, giving him the appearance of floating. His navi symbol, found on the chest of his jacket, is a rectangular mask with a gaping mouth.

Personality: MasquerMan is absurdly egotistic. He hates even to be called by pronouns, insisting that he constantly be referred to by name. He frequently laughs or speaks in a disjointed fashion like a maniac, more over his own self-perceived greatness than out of sadism or anything else. He has an extremely hard time relating to most people and has a hard time believing that most people really don't like him. His only real friend at the school, or really anywhere, for that matter, is Bayonette. He can be very demanding of his operator. His favorite hobby is to mimic others in caricature while wearing a mask crafted in their image. His voice impersonations are actually quite good.

Custom Weapon: Masquerade Roses- MasquerMan tosses a sharp-stemmed rose to his beloved fans. It's barely an attack. (2 damage rapid, 8 damage charged)

Sig Attacks:

-Ghastly Gala: A macabre, blood-splattered black leather mask with chains binding it wraps tightly around MasquerMan's head. With exaggerated motions of pain, MasquerMan clutches his head and releases small ghosts with masks similar to his to attack his enemies. (Multi-hit, 3 seeking attacks of 30 damage, 30 self damage, 3 TCD)

-Trickster's Twist: A half-red, half black mask with a smile painted across it forms upon MasquerMan's face. He then throws a knife which phases through objects upon contact. (Slashing attack, 60 damage + phasing, 2 TCD)

--Metal Masquerade: A metal plate somewhat like a welder's protective face-mask forms over MasquerMan's face. Striking a bold pose, MasquerMan makes his body like an iron statue. (Gain Ironbody for 1 turn, 2 TCD)

--Final Festival: A party mask, gold and sequined with feathers sticking out at many obscure angles and dull, black coverings over the eyes, and a human looking mouth with full lips covers MasquerMan's face. He makes several ritualistic motions, then drops down a meteor from the sky upon his opponents. (Drop type attack, 150 damage and splash, 6 TCD)

-Cannon x 2
-Hi-Cannon x 1
-Markcannon x 1
-Heatshot x 1
-Bubbler x 1
-Zapring1 x 1
-Guard1 x 3
-IronShield1 x 3
-Invis1 x 1
-Shadow1 x 1
-Energybomb x 1
-Magbomb1 x 1
-Ringzap1 x 1
-Rope1 x 3
-Whiteweb1 x 1
-RollArrow1 x 3
-Marublaster1 x1
-HolyPanel x 1
-Quake1 x 3

First Barrier x 1, Undershirt x 1, HP + 50 x 1

--Lvl 2 BayonetteCross
-Element: Normal
-Subtype: Cursor
-Appearance: MasquerMan's coat turns into the red and white design of a grenadierfrom Brightland's historic military, complete with golden buttons down the chest and a black belt around the waist. White silk gloves form over his hands. A black, tri-cornered hat forms upon his head.
-Brightland Ball: MasquerMan gains a steel mask with a white "x" painted across the front and two ovals cut out for his eyes. The mask imbues him with the ability to cup both hands forward and make a "BOOM" noise with his mouth, firing out a cannon ball towards the enemy. (Thrown type attack, 100 damage and break, 4 TCD)

Strategy: MasquerMan is a cowardly fighter who, despite his love for personal attention, prefers that his enemies put their focus somewhere else. He fights well under pressure and can, if left to himself, become quite cocky. He does not hesitate to pull out flashy moves. He has little concern for protecting his allies.


Name: Bayonette (Picture)
Netop: Jon Batton (Picture
Element: Normal
Subtype: Cursor

HP: 220
Speed: 6 actions

Appearance: Bayonette is a relatively tall, female navi with a very upright stature. She dresses in a red uniform with white bands in an "x" shape over the chest, much in the style of an old Brightland military grenadier. Atop her head is a hat, held on by a buckled chin strap, with tall, black plumage and her navi symbol displayed. Her uniform includes tan breeches. Underneath it all is a black skin-suit. Although Jon hates to admit it, he made her very well proportioned. Her hair is done into a bowl in the back, running into a tight, rolled braid (most people think she'd look better with it down). Her hair is a rich brown color. She also wears tall, black boots and white gloves. Her eyes are steel blue. Her navi symbol is a red rectangle with a white x across it, representing her flag.

Personality: Bayonette is very formal with people and is a clever tactician in addition to a seasoned fighter. She feels most comfortable on the battlefield. She can often be hard to relate to on a personal level, since she keeps her distance from forming relationships with others. She has the highest respect for Jon and won't stand for anyone insulting him. Any insult or injury, she feels, must be atoned for with a fight. Her overall attitude is pretty much that of an adult. Her good instincts and tactical skill, however, can often be clouded by her pride.

Custom Weapon:

Sig Attacks:

-Cannon x3
-Hicannon x3
-Markcannon x3
-Wrecker x 2
-Quake x 2
-Fire Knife x1
-Bamboo Knife x 1
-Minibomb x 3
-Lilbomb x1
-MachineGun1 x 2
-Guard1 x 3
-Tankcannon1 x 1
-Rockcube1 x 2
-Wind x 1
-Panelgrab x 1
-AirRaid1 x 1

((Attack +1 x 4, Rapid +1 x 4, Undershirt))

--Lvl 2 MasquerCross
-Element: Normal
-Subtype: Cursor
-Appearance: Bayonette's red coat becomes yellow, and many of the adornments fall away or become black. The slacks vanish altogether (keeping in mind her skinsuit underneath), while the gloves and boots become long and black. The plumage on her head becomes part of a party mask, which covers her eyes.