Buster Attacks and Modifications

So I've seen some people actually have Descriptions for their Buster Attacks, but unfortunately I didn't think to do that when I created my own Navi.

I was wondering if adding that sort of modification is possible during a Virus Thread, or if I would have to treat it as if my Operator was "Away" for another post?

If it's mostly for flavor though, would it still require an approval and all?
For a minor thing like that, you can just post up an edit request in your actual character profile, and get someone to approve it. Since it's aesthetic, there's no harm in beginning to use it whenever you like, I shouldn't think. ./TraineeDisclaimer
You can post up an edit request in your registration thread, to get the change approved, or make a new thread in the edits sections. As for when it will go through/how, if you are currently in a battle, the change will not take effect until after. So basically, yes you can do it mid virus bust, but the change doesn't happen until between battles.
Got it, thanks guys. I'll get to doing that then.