Chip Folder Limit?

Alright, so I now you can't have more than 30 Chips in your Folder -- but how many chips of the same kind are you limited to?

IE: How many Cannons can I have in the Folder? Can all 30 Chips be Cannons? Or is there a Limit to like 10/6/5 per Folder?

I'm not sure if this was mentioned anywhere, or asked previously, but I couldn't find it if so. If it has been addressed, a link to that topic would be appreciated.
Technically, we have no limit. However, it is highly recommended that you don't exceed 5 of a single chip at any time, or else certain people (and not me, surprisingly) will probably push for a hard limit. That's 5 of a specific chip, mind you; 4 Cannons and 2 Hi-Cannons should still be okay.
Mkay. And on the topic of BattleChips -- can we sell them to Shops (starting chips included)? If so, is their sale value the same as their price, or slightly lower?
Nope, shops only sell chips. Other players, however, can buy chips if you can reach an agreement with them.