Nerf idea

Here is an idea for a Nerfing effect that would allow for a greater range of rp situations and a nice pay off for combo attack based sigs.

Prerequisite: Add 10-40 to Cap (Based on which effect is chosen): This attack requires some form of prerequisite to be used on the target. This prereq can be anything from simply being behind the target or having previously used a certain elemental attack on the target. This effect cannot be taken more than twice and if taken twice ALL conditions must be met for the attack to be used. This effect cannot be used in a sig with the Multi stage Attribute.

Possible point cost ideas.

10- Having previously used another attack on the target of any kind, having a status effect on the target, or being in a certain position relative to the target.

20- Having a status effect on yourself, being below a certain health value

30- target below or above a certain health value, having previously used a healing effect

40- having all other sigs on cool down.

Now these can be adjusted and more added, as they rightfully should, but the general idea is lower points for having hit the target or simply moving around the target, as these can easily be achieved by using other sigs or attacks. The higher it goes the more specific the required prereq.
Also, how would one register a sig with "nerf" values that change constantly depending on the battle environment?

10: not really a nerf, too variable, and too objective (A navi's location according to the player is often somewhat different than the mod's)

20: Self Stun/Hold/Freeze/Confusion/Blind have been suggested before, and would be somewhat viable. The XHP thing sounds like a trigger effect, which already exists.

30: Not a nerf, too variable to register. The second idea is essentially an "anti-heal," which is another triggered effect.

40: Could be viable, but what if you only have passive sigs?

In summary, the only ones I see as potentially viable are the self-debuffs and all sigs on cooldown. The rest of them seem more like Buffs than Nerfs; you get extra points with no real cost to your Navi.
10: For the required position to a target I was thinking more of using a movement or another action which uses movement, to place yourself in the right position. It wouldn't be an variable thing if you had to use a movement before hand to place yourself. And the using attacks on the target you would have to wait to see if the attack would connect. These are intentionally minor buffs because the requirements are easier to obtain.

20: I feel the difference between using a sig preemptively to launch and to only be able to use the sig once below a certain health value is a matter of rping. I can see how it is very similar though and the trigger effect could be used, so long as the sig was used only once the health was low. But yes they are basically the same, forgot about that one.

30: The fact that it is too variable, I feel, it what makes it the nerf. If there are some fights where you can use it at all, or some fights where the targets are killed by other attacks because their health is too low makes it so you can't use it all the time. Maybe 30 points was too high for this. My idea behind this point value was to give a system bonus for rping that your character has an execution blow or a starting attack. 30 is high now that I think of it though. Maybe that could be added to the 10?

40: Good point. In that case I would say that the navi must have at least a certain number of active sigs before even taking it, this sig must be added to an active sig, and passive sigs don't count towards the usage of this nerf. My thought behind this one was system bonuses for rping a desperation attack, or a long string of combo attacks.