Sir Charles Wellington of Aberdeenshire

I am just going to try to restart with a brand new character. Here goes.

Name: Sir Charles Wellington of Aberdeenshire
Age: 30
Gender: Male

Appearance: Despite his name, Sir Charles Wellington is not at all British, but rather was born there and was bred in America. He towers above most ordinary men, standing at around six foot three, and of an average build. Everything Sir Charles owns bears his war insignia, a red cross in a field of blue. He carries around a cane, attempting to seem royal. He is always seen in public with his insignia-bearing cloak. As he was made a war hero, he always wears his commemorative medal to remember those lost.

Personality: Sir Charles does not act like a knighted man, but is friendly and extremely outgoing. Despite his outgoing and fun core, Sir Charles acts extremely level-headed, always examining a situation before diving head in. He is also very protective of people he knows in general, due to his experiences of battle. He periodically visits universities to continue his education, as he hopes to find a panacea to violence. However, he often gets extremely excited while net battling, as he sees this as a way to fight without doing true damage to living people.

PET Modifications: Sir Charles' pet is covered in blue, with red stripes crossing vertically and horizontally across it.

Name: Aristotle.EXE
Gender: Male
Element: Normal
Type: Recovery

Appearance: Aristotle stands very tall, towering over most fellow navis. Aristotle is never seen without his book, which he usually steadily writes in. Aristotle records his hypothesis in this book, as these hypothesis turn into attacks that he can use. Aristotle bears a blue and red cloak that reaches all the way down to his feet, and the cloak billows behind him. He is shaded in blue, and has a red cross across the middle of his chest.

Personality: Aristotle seldom acts sociable, but when he does, he is often very "snobbish," looking down on other navis for not sharing his intellect. Sir Charles and Aristotle often get into heated debates about random subjects, from everything to their past to the reactions of chemicals in a stable isotope. Aristotle has also been seen speaking in Ancient Greek to himself, and only Sir Charles can understand him when he does this.

Custom Weapon: Aristotle turns to page one, and reaches into his book. He pulls out a sword with a blue, hilt, encrusted with rubies. Aristotle slashes his sword at his opponent, sending shockwaves out of the end of the blade. When Aristotle charge attacks, he can stab his sword into the ground, sending out a ripple shockwave. Arondight also transforms into the chips Sir Charles slots in. Aristotle only sheaths his sword when out of battle or using a sig attack.

Signature Attack: The Five Elements — Air: Aristotle turns his book's page to page two. A cyclone fires out of the book towards the enemy knocking the enemy away from Aristotle.
- 50 damage (50 sig points)
- Knockback (10 sig points)
- 2 turn cool down
...tch. You're going about this all wrong.

It should be Sir Charles Wellington of Aberdeenshire, Esquire, nooblet.

Also, this application just so happens to be magnificent. CONGRATURATION!

Here's your starter pack:

Attack +1 x1, Rapid +1 x1, Charge +1 x1, Undershirt;
Rageclaw x1, Cannon x1, Shotgun x1.

Welcome back aboard!