NPC Cross

This shouldn't need explaining, the concept is obvious enough. So the situation would be how would it be handled. Let's go through the entire process.

1. Player meets NPC.
2. Player generates FXP with NPC until the cross threshold is met.
3. Player creates NPC Cross.

These are the three processes to the operation. Now let's see how each would be handled.

1: Player Meets NPC

This seemed to be a matter of some contention. Without this step, there's no NPC cross at all. So what the player base would need would be a reliable way to encounter an NPC. My suggestion was a special mission type where one was guaranteed to encounter an NPC. Alternative methods are through generic busting and what have you, where players randomly encounter NPCs.

2: Player Generates FXP

This was also a large issue. Gaining FXP, I feel, should be handled the same way as with player crosses. The question then is how does one reliably obtain FXP from their NPC ally? People want a reliable way to meet up with their NPC ally and generate FXP. But there's an in-game dilemma to consider, that these NPCs have methods and routines that they stick to and that sometimes they simply will be unavailable. What we generated through the chat was that it'd go simply by a mod-by-mod basis, if a mod was prepared to do this, then the NPC was put in the situation where FXP would be generated, and if the mod was unwilling to go along with it, well, better luck next time, buddy.

This appears to be a poor resolution and many wanted a better, more reliable method. I'm unsure of where to go with this from here.

3: Player Creates Cross

Once the FXP threshold has been crossed, the Player generates a Cross following the normal cross rules and awaits mod approval.

What we've got currently is a functional, yet flawed collection of ideas that could become a system. It's pretty obvious that works going to need to be done to it for it to become something viable.

I think that's pretty much everything we came up with in the chat. Ideas and thoughts from everyone would be cool. Maybe if a bit more gets done to it, we could possibly see the administration apply this in the future. That's the hope~
....if I recall correctly, there is a certain "Metool Hero" walking around that makes this topic go, "Why not?"
Metool Hero Cross was earned by Seraphim and is not in effect. Because there was no system for it then and none for it now, all NPC Crosses are not allowed. Nonetheless, I'll leave the Mods to mess with this.