Name: William B. (A.K.A.Billy)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Appearance: Billy is a tall young man with a semi-slim build. He has a spiked up/messy black hair and opaque black eyes with a mischievious look to them, like he knows something you don't. he has a smiling grin that you can't seem to trust. And he smiles with one of those smiles they use so often in anime to accent the bad guy or the anti-hero.

Clothing: He dresses disorderly and mismatched, mixing and matching different clothes and accessories. His style is reminiscent of a punk-esque style.

Personality: At glance, he seems the emblematic hyperactive boy overdosed on sugar, Billy seems to be always moving. He appears inattentive and gone, like if he was in his own little world all of the time. Billy tends to spontaneously busrt into laughter even in the middle of conversations, and is prone to pranking and finding creative ways to break the rules (the kind of kid who influences other kids to blow things up and steal beer from the grownups).

He could be confused as hedonistic, having fun without thinking on the consecuences, however it goes way deeper than that. He is actually chaotic and destructive, living his life for the heat of the moment. It's not that that doesn't think of the consecuences, he thinks about them after the adrenaline has passed. Not like he actually cares much about them.

He might seem evil but he is actually good and kind, however he places fun as his top priority and will blow up a house without thinking it if he believes it would be funny.

Background: Billy was born in Netopia, where he spent his childhood. There he was a nightmare for his teachers and they asked his mother to find energy spending activities for him. Seeking for an activity to keep Billy occupied, his mother took him to a Netbattle team when he was young. This was the perfect activity for him as he would spend a lot of his energy Netbattling and would behave better afterwards. Encouraged to continue, Billy spent more and more time Netbattling and soon became a prolific Netbattler and even won his own custom NetNavi, based on himself.
Eventually, the activity proved to be counterproductive, as Billy's grades began to slip and he was spending a lot of time outside home. His parents grounded him and wouldn't allow him to go to the coliseum to practice anymore. Billy still had a desire for Netbattles, so he started getting in clandestine battles and this led him to risky associations and afterwards Netcrime.

When he was 12, the police caught him in a risky business and when his parents found out, they thought it would be better if they send him away to abroad, in order to give him a fresh start away from this mess. Afeter bouncing from place to place, he ended in Electopia

PET Modifications: Black PET

Name: Pierrotman
Gender: Other
Element: Elec
Type:Normal Logo: A circle with an inverted anarchy symbol, on a black background.
Appearance: Pierrotman is a Jack-in-the-box-clown Netnavi, with a jester hat and a white mask as his face. His face is plain and white with no faction expect the eyes, which are different colored paint spills. He has arms larger than his body with stripes of different colors thant end up in white gloved hands. His torso is a corset with one red side and one black side and a circle with his insignia in the center. As his legs, he has a wide spring connected to his torso and he moves around by bouncing. Below his spring there is a big box that he can use for cover, however for increased mobility he tends to hop out of it when in a battle (just like some navis put on battle masks right before battles). Pierrotman has no mouth, so his voice seems to come from a different direction every time he speaks.
Personality: Annoying prankster laughing all the time. He was designed with a personality just like Billy's to be fully compatible with him.
Custom Weapon: Finger Buster: Pierrotman shots buster shots from his index fingers. The charged is one of those shots getting juggled around until it takes form of a carnival thrown ball (like those of the cannons in the MMBN games)

Signature Attack:
Return to the box(1-hit shield=20 points): Pierrotman contracts his spring and his box appears around him, shielding him from attacks. Cool down=1 turn.

Juggle(thrown attribute+Charge Burner[+20]+Multi hit+60hpd=60 points): After the Finger Buster has been charged the ball created splits into five smaller balls that are shot at the same time for a total of 60 damage. Cool down=2 turns

Alright, firstly, nice to see yas, you seem intelligent and decent, so I'll make this as painless as possible.

Quote (Khronos)

(just like when rockman puts on his ninja mask for battles).

I'd appreciate it if you could extract the canon from this, as we have a rule against referencing the canon of the rockman series. Perhaps you could use something like "(just like multiple custom navis have a battle mask that they use during fights.)"

Secondly, you have used someone else's artwork, unless it's yours.

If it's yours, I'd like a confirmation. If it is not, you should probably ask for permission, firstly. Secondly, it's a character from a commercial game, which we can't let you use here. Sorry, but could you describe your character instead of using that?

Lastly: Great job on getting this far, and making one of the more original characters I've seen on this board. If you'd care to correct these, I'd be happy to approve you. Feel free to direct any questions you might have toward this topic or my PM inbox.
done! i hope this it's ok now.
Alright, sorry for the hassle, but just one more thing.

Quote ()

Signature Attack:
Return to the box(1-hit shield=20 points): Pierrotman contracts his spring and his box appears around him, shielding him from attacks. Cool down=2 turns.

Juggle(thrown attribute+Charge Burner[+30]+Multi hit+70hpd=70 points): After the Finger Buster has been charged the ball created splits into five smaller balls that are shot at the same time for a total of 70 damage. Cool down=2 turns

It's all good except your Juggle, which uses up too many points. Your sigs can only use up to half their value in 'nerf points'.

Thus, charge burner could be used to be a (40/2=20) 20 point value rather than a 30 point because of this limitation. You could deal a max of 60 damage, basically. Other than that, it's all cool.

Your 'Return to the box' signature, on the other hand, is only Cool down=1. Better than you thought, right?

Care to fix that so one of my enthusiastic compadres can get you approved?
done, thx for the advice, i wasn't quite sure about the nerf points in the signature attacks. (I actually read the rules though)
.... am I in? I have waited for a while now after correcting my SA.
Yeah, you're good. Approved!

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