Rules Shakedown

This is not an FAQ. This is an effort to make the site more user friendly.

Yep, we're going to fix up the rules. We're targeting rules that lack much substance or aren't especially user friendly. Towards this end, we're looking for player feedback on what you'd like to see expanded upon in the rules.

This is not a thread for asking about this rule or that rule, this is a thread for pointing out things that need improvement or suggesting improvements that could be made to the rules threads.

Suggest away; We're listening.

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(Oct 02-15:43) Vita_Unus: ...The setting seems hazy.
(Oct 02-15:43) Vita_Unus: We have rules that dictate the systems...
(Oct 02-15:43) Vita_Unus: But nothing that lays out the setting.
(Oct 02-15:44) Vita_Unus:  Forum Signature Rules
(Oct 02-15:44) Vita_Unus: You must list your Battlechips along with their damage, as well as stating the folder you currently have equipped.
(Oct 02-15:45) Vita_Unus: ^Most people list the battlechips but not the damage
(Oct 02-15:45) Vita_Unus: Yet don't get called out on it
(Oct 02-15:45) PaladinGC: oops
(Oct 02-15:45) PaladinGC: I don't list the damage either
(Oct 02-15:45) PaladinGC: My b ad.
(Oct 02-15:45) Vita_Unus: The combined height of images in your forum signature must be 360 pixels or under. This encompasses all images, including banners, quiz results, or the like.
(Oct 02-15:45) Vita_Unus: ^I've seen bigger without people getting smacked
(Oct 02-15:46) Vita_Unus: Also, please restrain from making your signature load large files. This is for the benefit of our members that have to use a slower Internet connection.
(Oct 02-15:46) Vita_Unus: ^Posted Leon, when he has a flash in his sig...
(Oct 02-15:46) PaladinGC: the flash is a pre-load, and it's tiny.
(Oct 02-15:46) Vita_Unus: We could use a basic guide as to how to set up the tabs, too...
(Oct 02-15:47) Vita_Unus: The interface is intuitive, sure, but it doesn't tell them how on exact terms...
(Oct 02-15:47) Vita_Unus: It just says "Put stuff here, don't put certain stuff here"
(Oct 02-15:48) Vita_Unus: Sig system topic doesn't tell people where to buy process upgrades...
(Oct 02-15:48) Vita_Unus: Players may purchase additional Process Upgrades that give them 40 more sig points at each level up to allocate to any one sig they already have or make a new one with. This is how you expand your pool.

-----To Rogue Net-----
-- Reach Normal Net battle 20, and defeat the boss there.
-- Reach Level 20.
-- Reach Level 15, and complete a 5 battle special mission filled with Rogue Viruses.
(Oct 02-15:50) Vita_Unus: A special mission given out by who...?
(Oct 02-15:51) Vita_Unus: Consecutive Battles

When battling in the Network, the more battles you win without jacking out results in bigger, harder battles, with greater rewards. After the fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and twentith battles, your Navi will encounter a powerful boss battle, which can lead to all sorts of bonus rewards. However, when team busting consecutively, every time a new Navi joins the battle, or a Navi leaves the battle, the 'battle counter' resets to one for the remaining Navis.
(Oct 02-15:51) Vita_Unus: ^It was supposed to be only if people join...
(Oct 02-15:51) Vita_Unus: You can run a newbie through the dungeon, but leave and he still can't take out the final boss...
(Oct 02-15:52) Vita_Unus: Upgrades During Battle

During battle, one cannot have upgrades take effect. For example, Joe just got his new Sig Attack approved, but he's in the middle of a battle! That new sig attack cannot be used until the end of this battle, and thus, the next battle. The same goes for HP Memories, Buster Upgrades, etc etc. You can use sigs and the like you've got installed, but any changes you have approved for those sigs, or any new upgrades you obtain midbattle cannot be used until the end of battle.
(Oct 02-15:52) Vita_Unus: Needs to be clarified, I recommend:
(Oct 02-15:53) Vita_Unus: If you gain a new upgrade (For example, a newly-registered sig attack) during battle, you cannot use it until the next. This applies for changes to signature attacks already installed, too.
(Oct 02-15:55) Vita_Unus: Elements
(Oct 02-15:55) Vita_Unus: Base: +5 to same element.
L5: +5 to same element. +5 additional to same element if attack only hits one opponent.
L10: +10 to same element. +5 additional to same element if attack only hits one opponent.
L15: +10 to same element. +10 additional to same element if attack only hits one opponent.
L20: +15 to same element. +10 additional to same element if attack only hits one opponent.
(Oct 02-15:55) Vita_Unus: ^People keep forgetting to add this, we need to make it more obvious...
(Oct 02-15:56) Vita_Unus: (Also, we may possibly want to add a similar bonus for non-elemental navis on non-elemental chips)

Additional stuff...

    [li]Add in that the basic navicust pack adds up to 30 points out of the default forty, leaving ten free.

    [li]In Roleplay rules, it says...

    Quote ()

    Moving from Area to Area

    You are allowed to be in only one place at one time. The Operator can exist ONLY in the Real World, and the Navi only in the Cyberworld. Cross Fusion and Copyroids have not appeared in the roleplay and we don't plan on them at this stage. When you wish to leave the current area you are in, you must make a post SAYING so. Continuity is king. Also, if you are in the ACDC Net and you wish to jack into another town's net, you must make posts taking you there.

    ...This is obsolete, we've let people use the Netsquare as a shortcut for a long time...

    [li]In the Support Program topic, it says...

    Quote ()

    Merge (OHO! Yeah, you saw it coming. Your SP merges with you. You gain the following effects from your SP:

    -adds its attack stat to your Buster attacks OR one chip attack each round
    -allows you the use of its subbtype ability
    -adds its HP to your own
    -adds half its actions to yours, with a cap of 8 total actions.

    This needs to be clarified as follows:
    -The attack stat is added as pure point-for-point damage on top of your normal buster damage, like Strengthen.
    -I spelled Subtype wrong. :<
    -How does it add its' HP to yours? Does it increase your max? Does it heal you? Is it calculated using the SP's max HP, or its' current HP? etc...
    -Add in that adding actions 'rounds up' if the total actions is an uneven amount, like 3.

    [li]In the Friendship EXP thread, it doesn't say what the virus->point calculations are for the Rogue Networks.

    [li]In the Cross topic, it should say that both the Netpolice and Netmafia can give out missions for the Joint Attack chip... Or that, for people who dislike both the Netpolice and the Netmafia, you can request a task to do for it from a neutral source (Suitachi, maybe?)

    [li]In the Cross topic, it also doesn't say how the extra HP works... does it raise the max? Does it just 'buff' you for that much? What happens if it goes over the max? etc...

    [li]Program Advance Rules needs a major update...

    [li]Rebirth Rules was directly copypasted from the version in RE:CN... the two 'Crappy's in the first sentence were strikeouted(sic) to indicate I was joking... without them it comes off as mean.

    [li]For the Multi-Navi thread, it needs to add that you can also get a mission from the Netmafia for the first upgrade...

    [li]Add in what damage telekinesis-thrown sig objects do. Is it based on HP, or what, exactly?

    [li]Clarify whether using the same object summon sig twice dispels the first object or not. IE: Navi uses SummonA, waits for it to cooldown, uses it again while the first object is still there. Does the first one disappear, or does he now have two objects?

  • In the Object rules of the Sig Attack thread, it says...

    Quote ()

    3: All recurring damage, abilities, and effects associated with the object cost three times normal, as if they were reduced cost passive effects. This is added to the HP cost of the object.
    This needs to be clarified. Currently, it raises the question of whether or not the abilities actually add additional HP to the object.