Siggie rule specifications.

Right. Put questions in the question section:

Regarding sig attacks:

1. Do my two sig vouchers get downgraded into two process expansions..? (That dosen't quite seem fair..)

2. Can I deal damage to myself to add pool points to a certain attack?

3. Is there anyway to make an effect like stun passive (like my old first sig attack)

4. Is there any chance I can turn my "invincible barrier" attack (which was just for RP reasons anyway, no real advantage) into a "random pool points" sig?

5. Then where the hell did cooldown go?
1: No. Sig Vouchers > ZOMG FREE MONEY > Buy whatever the hell you want.

2: Go to this post. Now scroll down a bit to where you see 'nerfs'.

3: Yes.

4: The hell? MOST LIKELY ANSWER: No.

5: Cooldown = 40 Points to 1 turn of Cooldown.


1, 2, 3, and 5: What Twi said.

4: After you re-read the rules carefully, we'll talk.

6: Second'd