A possibility...?

Click. It's pretty cool.

I thought it'd be neat...
It's a nice little chat/shoutbox you can put on the bottom of the forum.
If it costs, don't bother. XD I just thought it'd be neat.

(Yes, I'm aware that we have a chat, but this is faster and doesn't require Java for those that may not have access to it.)
The Basic version is apparently supported by ads. We've already got way too many on the boards as it is.

Either way, I think that the Random Chat thread pretty much does the same thing as a shoutbox would. The only real difference is a couple more clicks to get there.

My input, anyway.
Open Chat in another window and you'll be alright. I don't like all those boxes and crap since I'll have to scroll down and stuff to look at them and reply and refresh and it's friggin annoying!

Besides, if we need a C-Box, it'll have to match the board's design, and we can't make any epic quotes since C-Box is a little more complicated to copy and paste from.