About a Certaina "Ability"

Now that I have gotten the hang of this sig stuff, I wanted to ask about Empress's ability.

Empress has an ability that's like the duplication one added to the set of rules. It's called "Material Maiden" and by creating matter itself into a souless duplicate of her, she can use it as an extra ally in battle, but is always limited by the number of obstacle chip she sacrifices to do so.

I saw that duplicates were one of the possible pooled abilities, but I wanted to ask was making them attack with a only a primary buster attack or taking an action an option since that's how the ability work. I know it would be like summoning a virii, but I was curious and just wanted to ask since I'm already waiting for replies to my battle and there's nothing better to do but work on my passive sig attack.

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"Are passive Sigs somewhat like special abilities since they require no free action, ...

Yes, they are like special abilities that are always on in battle. You can't turn them on and off when you like, though.

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... and if so, are their points seperate from cost of Regular Signature attacks?"

No, not quite. You pay 20 points out of your pool for every 5 points of passive signature capacity you want in a passive sig, up to the capped limit. So, while it isn't a normal sig, it still comes out of your points pool.
Okay, I think I get it.

By the way, that's the question I asked in the PM to you isn't it? Can you possibly answer the one above too?

And further more, since Empress signature attack as of now is a Barricade attack combined with an attack commnad, then I undertsand that it uses 30 Poll points for it being a barrier so far, right? I know it also has the effect of doing damage when Empress destroys it, so how many points in total is my sig really using so I can calculate how many points in my pool are left over?

(sorry, but I have nothing to do, and no one is replying to either this or my Virus Busting thread.)
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