OK WTF >_>

........someone made it so the site cannot be viewed by guests >_>.....

That makes my incrdibly hard job of trying to get new ppl that actually like me more hten just some spam can dood on this site >_>;....

im not saying WTF for just my sake either, but it kinda keeps us from getting as many new pplz as we could. As far as I was concered ther was no guest posting, so what's the deal? I am confizzled >_>

just a question/suggestion
yeah, I didn't see any talking about this before it happened. Who did it?
That would be Twi.

Changing it back now.
Screw that, soon as I did it, I let a bot in by accident. DX
wait what? >>

Well, I'd say having stricter registration rules is better than this
Eon, are you talking about the massive number of guests, or a post bot? Because the post bot shouldn't have made it in.
i think he means the massive amount of guests that come in. i have a feeling that some how it was a post bot that slipped through the protective security of this site......if we let guests view the site.......then we get spambots that could infect and eventualy destroy the forum. just my thoughts on this.
Just to make it clear. The bot that posted and the guests are NOT the same.

Think about it. Why would 1 of the 400 guests we had one day (oO) make it though? Did that bot somehow flinch and do things diffrently? Computers doesn't work that way >>.