Time events

Rather than the normal events as we know them, I suggest something timed.

Rather than a long event, we have say an "easter event" where all enemies give dead bunnies rather than zenny, or all enemies are bunnies.

at the end, dead bunnies could be exchanged for prizes or something.

Bad example, but the point is you could make events that only run for a certain window of time.

Please consider.
Dead bunnies is a tad morbid. Perhaps eggs? Well, this is an interesting idea that would make the site more festive(And active) around the holidays, but I don't know...What sort of prizes did you have in mind? And would there be an exchange rate ala tickets at Chuck E Cheese's?
If I said eggs it would sound like the gaia online one.

But I'm thinking:
Exchange rates:
Low levels are good stuff, cannons swords, guards, navi custs etc. Good mid level stuff.
Mid levels would be better/wierd stuff with some event specific stuffs.
High levels would be event specific great/odd stuffs.
HighEST level would be something rare or powerful event specific.
So like... for a Christmas event idea, there'd be a NewsServ announcement like... "Breaking news! Viruses have made off with all the Tree ornaments from the giant Christmas Tree in the middle of the Netsquare! If any of you netbattlers out there manage to find an ornament, please, turn them in to the Netpolice, who are offering rewards for these one-of-a-kind ornaments." Or something like that, right?

...Hell, I'd do it.

See, it's also easier to mod than events. It would be normal battles with the exception of the reward which would be changed with a system like (10 Zenny=1 ornament)

and it dosn't even have to be holiday.

"Jack Drakass has infected virii around the net with super mega potential virus. Wipe virii out and collect the viral signiture while it's still in incubation period. The police will reward those who help"

Edit: Twi's pretty much got it.

But what I was thinking was that there would be lots of ornaments, like 1-5 a battle, but a low level reward would be like 20+
That's what it sounds like to me.
sounds good to me!
OMG I LOVE this idea.
Must get... random seasonal gifts. <drools>
Only problem I can see with this is it would require massive amounts of modding on that single day, and given that many of us have family ties that keep us from our time on the site, it might be difficult to find the manpower necessary.

Remember, it's very rare that anyone can complete a single battle in a day with decent RP.

Unless of course, you want to have weeklong holiday events... which is always a possibility.

Quote (Skyrender)

Unless of course, you want to have weeklong holiday events... which is always a possibility.