Battle Chip Mechanics R&D

This thread covers Battle Mechanics as they relate to chips.
Spread: Equal Damage to ? additional secondary targets. Spread Damage is directional. (Such as Shotgun, Spreader, V-Gun, and so on. This is how it worked in MMBN.)

Splash: Half Damage to ? additional secondary targets. Spash Damage is incidental. (Dunno. There were chips that had this effect though.)

Blast: ? Damage to additional secondary targets within range. Blast Damage is radial. (Bombs...)

I can add to that if needed.


But lets use a literal example...

First: Water.

Lets say that a chip called Wave Bomb 1 exists. The opponent's field is all Sea panels, by the way. When thrown, the bomb will arc up and back down again just like any other bomb and deal damage to it's target when it lands. However, if the bomb lands on a Sea Panel (Sea Terrain is fine. I don't give one wit about single panels, honestly) then it creates a wave of water that spashes upon whoever is standing around the point of impact for some Aqua Damage. The target eats both Aqua and Normal damage, if struck, while the others just take the spashed Aqua Damage.

Now, lets try that again, using Fire...

Lets say that a chip called Wave Bomb 1 exists. The opponent's field is all Lava panels, by the way. When thrown, the bomb will arc up and back down again just like any other bomb and deal damage to it's target when it lands. However, if the bomb lands on a Lave Panel, then it creates a wave of Lava that spashes upon whoever is standing around the point of impact for some Fire Damage. The target eats both Fire and Normal damage, if struck, while the others just take the spashed Fire Damage.

Spread on the other hand... Spread uses either primary OR secondary cluster munitions to cause damage.

Spreader is a shell that fragments into multiple explosive-shells upon impact, dealing DIRECT damage to EACH target in full. Same goes for Heaters, Bubblers, and other fragmentation and cluster weapons. They all put actual munitions on the target, and surroundingn targets for 100% Damage to all targets hit.

Ergo, it hits, splits, THEN explodes, dealing Primary damage to all targets like a M.I.R.V. or Cluster Munition weapon.

Make sense?


Splash Damage Capable Chips:

--Plasma Blast (series): Elec Element, Splash, Break, Single Shot. (Very powerful, and rare as hell...)

Description: Fires an immensly powerful beam containing massive ammounts of energy at the target. The beam radiates an energy-wash into the surrounding area as it passes, dealing lesser ammounts of damage to all who are within a certain distance of the beam (basically, it doesn't have to hit you to kill you). Anything in the path of the beam simply takes huge quantities of damage.

Accuracy is determined by RP Quality. Poor RP quality may result in self-damage when one fails to control the energy...

Plasma Blast 1 (90 Elec + Break + Splash)
Plasma Blast 2 (120 Elec + Break + Splash)
Plasma Blast 3 (150 Elec + Break + Splash)

PA: ?

--Wave Bomb (series): Normal Element, Panel Triggered Splash, Panel based Element, Single Shot.

Description: Throws a Mini-Bomb type explosive ahead that has a varied effect. If the bomb lands on Normal, or other hard-surface Terrain, it will explode and deal a small ammount of damage to the chosen target if it manages to hit them. However, if the bomb lands on Sea (Aqua), Lava (Fire), or Poison (Normal) terrain, it will cause a secondary splash effect, possibly damaging nearby enemeis, as well as adding the elemental damage to its attack against the primary target if it manages to connect.

Splash Range and Splash Damage are both determined by RP quality. Very poor RP quality may result in dropping the bomb at your own feet...

Wave Bomb 1 (40 Null + Panel Rage + P.T. Splash)
Wave Bomb 2 (60 Null + Panel Rage + P.T. Splash)
Wave Bomb 3 (80 Null + Panel Rage + P.T. Splash)

PA: ?

Pulsar (series): Normal Element, Object Triggered Splash, Single Shot.

Description: Fires sound-waves at a single target or object. If the attack hits an enemy directly, it deals 100% Damage to that target alone. If the attack hits an object instead (such as rock-cube), it will cause a resonance effect that will send a sound wave in all directions for a short distance causing 50% damage to all enemies caught in the wave's radius.

This attack can be bounced off of walls, ceilings, and floors with good RP, but will always be set off by contact with an Object or Enemy.

Chips: (Carried by Seedbats)
Pulsar 1 (70 Null + O.T. Splash)
Pulsar 2 (90 Null + O.T. Splash)
Pulsar 3 (110 Null + O.T. Splash)

Big Noise

Savage King

Quote ()

Oh, and here's a question for Pally. Is shockwave attack can also be considered as a splash attack too, like Mettaur's shockwave attack and the 'Shockwave' chips in MMBN1, 2 and 3?


Alright, here's the answer (I had to make sure they did not already exist in this game first).

I'm hesitant to make this more complicated than it has to be, but...

Shockwave has properties: Ground, Piercing.

Ground: The attack fizzles out when it passes into Broken or Missing Panels.

Piercing: The attack cannot be stopped by objects or enemies, period. It will pass through anything and everything in it's path until it exits the field. Defenses still negate damage as normal. 100% Damage is dealt to each target.

Note: Piercing is directional.


Shockwave (Series): Normal Element, Ground, Piercing, Single Shot.

Description: Creates a narrow shockwave that travels along the ground in a straight line. It will pass through anything in it's path, but will be stopped by broken or missing panels. All targets get 100% Damage.

Good RP will mean more enemies getting caught in the wave as it passes through.

Poor RP could mean a whole host of bad things for you.

Shock Wave (40 Null + Piercing)
Sonic Wave (70 Null + Piercing)
Dyna Wave (100 Null + Piercing)
Big Wave (??? Null + Piercing) <<< RARE! (But 190 Dmg is excessive)

PA: ?

Boomerangs also have Piercing.
After looking at that...

So, your suggestion is that we differentiate between splash (focused with splash damage), directional spread, and blast radius? It sounds simple enough.
Yep, that's all. But it looks like people have already started asking for more...

I had to create the chips for Splash, that's why only splash chips are listed. The other types already exist, so it wasn't necessary to list them.
Ummm...if i may make a suggestion?(and keep in mind that i have no real clue how the system works...)

like sig attacks, give the chips a power rateing (sig1, sig 2, ect) and put a base damage on the attacks... lets say 40 for your most basic chip(cannon) aand add some things that would change it...

lets say the effect 'ground' subtracts ten points to the overall score(creating shockwave), overall the attack would do the same damage, but be worth more...thus putting it into a new rareity level(mabey)...

now lets look at another example...

starting with cannon again, lets add the feature 'meele only'.because you can only use it infront of you, you can double the attack points brining it up to 80dmg...

but this actually takes away from what it does, so the new cost is 80 points, but it actually isn't as useful, so we add half the damage added or, 80 - (40/2) = 100 as the new point cost... (creating sword)

each upgrade(or downgrade, as with the sword) has it's own point value...

ground: -10 points
melee only:+(50% of added damage)

and this even adds to status effects

stun: +10
paralize: +20

this even goes into player made chips and status effects...

fear: +15 points

if anyone remembered void, his sig attack used a fear status, which was a paralize you could fight... so it's worth slightly less than a real paralize...

as for the sig attack...

fear * 3 turns = 45 = n
to all = n * 2

over all cost = 90 points

cooldown = 90(overall)/ 20(rounded up)

5 turns, which is what the mods agreeded to...

a little complex, but works...

you just need a 'toolbox' of the different parts
An interesting idea...
I think.

Explain. Dumb it down for me.
that was about as easy as it gets...

basically, each level of chip automatically gives you so much damage, lets say 40 for weakest to 400 for strongest...

then you can 'buy' advantages(stun, break, splash) by subtracting from the damage it does(splash
-10 damage for each extra panel)...

or you could get more damage by adding disadvantages(ground, meele only, damage to self) that would make the chip harder to use...

an example is heatshot/shotgun...

if I remember correctly heatshot(40 dmg + slash + fire) and shotgun(50 dmg + splash) are very simmiler. if you break down thier advantages, you get...


damage = 40
splash(one tile) = -10
fire element = -10
total points = 60


damage = 50
splash(one tile) = -10
total points = 60

therefore they are of simmialar rank and value, bacause thier base points are the same...

also, if this system is adopted, a list of advantages and disadvanteges could be created and players(as opposed to mods) could create chips and virii useing the preset 'parts'. and the total points that go into the chips would define thier rank and value, as well if they are over powered...

for more on this system, look for the 'GURPS'(General Universal RolePlaying System) as this idea is based on them...
I see the logic, but wouldn't it be kind of HAX to add a stun and a blind effect to a countbomb for the subtraction of 40 or so damage?

Quote (P.A. Master)

I see the logic, but wouldn't it be kind of HAX to add a stun and a blind effect to a countbomb for the subtraction of 40 or so damage?

It would still need a mods rubber stamp apporval...

plus(looks up count bomb)...

count bomb is already...

damage =100
delay * 2 =+50(25 * 2)
total damage =150
total value =150

and with the added effects...

damage =100
delay * 2 =+50(25 * 2)
stun =-10
blind =-25
total damage =115
total value =185

... would put it several levels higher on the rareity and cost list

plus I forgot that the GURPS system has a rule that you can only add so many(1/2 - 1/5(depending on rareity) of base damage) points in disadvanteges. and since count bomb already has 50 points(1/2 of base damage) It wouldn't be able to add anymore advanteges/disadvantages...

Quote ()

the GURPS system

Heh heh, knew that looked familiar. The point-balance system for attack damages and effects.

The mods use something like it for comparing Sig Attacks and balancing them out with cool-down, though it breaks down a bit once you hit remainders... Then again, that's covered by adding effects or modifying damage appropriately.

As for chips, I use whatever system the game runs on as a base-line. Then I start looking for chips we have in the game. Once I've got those, I look for their various MMBN versions. I compare them all, giving weight to what we're using over the rest... THEN I make or convert a new chip to the system we're using with that data as a basic guideline for relative power levels versus rarity. That's how I made or converted the chips you see above.

Though, I have to admit, Big Wave is just broken. 190 Damage, Line Attack style Piercing, uber-fast attack speed, and cracks or breaks panels, all at once? That's just absurd. Any Navi with a chip like that could totally wreck this RP, unless the target had a way to break panels before the wave reached them. Keep in mind... Capcom made that monster, not I. I'm looking for a way to tone it down considerably... If I don't find it, I'll simply erase it and ignore the chips altogether.
Paladin, just present your ideas in the Mod-Cave and we'll work on integrating them into the chip lists. Vactrox, sorry, but for now we're not trying to fix things that aren't broken.
Don't worry, I will. This was put here before I had access to the cave.

i knew you weren't going to change, I was just bored and felt like wasteing a half an hour...

...serously, I'm not being sarcastic...