A suggestion...

For sword types, I suggest that the -10 for attack be reduced only for Gun type chips. ALL ranged chips seems a little widespread.
Other suggestions:

Change the flood protect from 30 seconds to 15. (For posting)
Change it so aqua navis USE UP the water panel they're on when using the attack +30 for an aqua chip.

Also, ignore the first post. I feel really stupid, for not reading the rules all the way.
Fear not, O Master of the Program Advance.

There are already several improvements/new rule sets/rule cleanups underway in the secrecy of the Mod-Cave, now that we got our freedom, we'll be working hard to further improve the RP.
Bah. Don't take away the water advatage. That is one of the pluses to picking a water. Just like fire get +30 health and stuff. Most don't ever use that fact about them other than me anyways.