netop: LT.ABYSS
description: LT.ABYSS is a veteran from the war. he wears old army clothes and is tall with dark hair.
personality: he goes and deletes viruses no matter what. he hates bad things from the war
pet: his pet is also a gun from the army.

element; guns
description: SGT.PORTER is a big navie with a gun. he hates viruses and kills them all on site. he does whatever LT.ABYSS tells him to. he has an old virus program in him from military experiments that make him super poweful
signature atack:point blank: sgt.porter takes a gun and blasts a virus with enrgy bullets very close. 60 damage 3 turn cool down.
starting chips cannon shotgun
Ouch. I'm sorry, but this won't do at all. Well, everything seems fine, but there is one tiny issue that I pointed out in that other thread. Mainly, SGT. Porter was promoted to Lieutenant Porter and then deleted. As per our new rules, all Navi declared deleted are thus permanently gone. Sorry, but you'll need a new Navi. Everything else is fine though. Glad to see a newbie with such a strong grasp of the rules. Though, I guess you aren't really a newbie, though we've changed a lot since you were gone...So...Um....Good job?
why did you kill my guy that wanst nice.....
Oh, it wasn't me. Lieutenant Porter was murdered by two no-talent, crazed Navi galavanting around Electown Net. He put up a valiant fight, but was outnumbered. In reality, you should be proud. Well, no worries. The past is past right? Just make a new Navi.
but lt abyss has sgt.porter with him all the time he would kno if he was deletd, so its okay...
Actually, if you look at my other post, then you'll know that Abyss died last month. I just found out myself...So sad. We held a funeral for him, but not many people showed up. Heathens, all of them.
no, ltabyss wears body armor from being a veteran and bullets cant hurt..............
He wears a kevlar vest, yes. However, this bullet severed his femoral artery which is located in his inner thigh. It was tragic, but he bled to death on scene. My own NetOp was there and saw the whole thing.
he was shot from a veteran?????
Yes, a veteran of the Great Space War of '92. I believe the shooter's name was Bo or Bones or something. Used a sniper rifle and shot Lt. Abyss in the leg hamper his movements. Unfortunately, the shot was a little too good and Abyss died before the proper help could arrive.
Eh, what the hell. I'll approve this.

Could be fun to watch at the very least...