John and Superstar

Here we go, nice and ready. Sorry for the length and sorry for the siggy, I know you said keep it simple but I couldn't resist showing off my math skills and knowledge of the rules.

Name: John Rothield
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 3 inches

Muscular build: Fine toned legs, fairly toned upper body

Clothing: Long sleeved blue Shirt, Jeans, and Hiking boots. Also wears an adaptive undershirt for all those nasty environments he may run into. His underwear is none of your bloody concern.

Personality: Calm, Collected but due to his moments of randomness. Keeps Superstar under control through sheer patience.

PET Modifications: A set of different port adapters with which adapt any port to a pet port. However, this can only do so much as Musarahi is not a mechanic or technician. Technology is limited to the knowledge of the person using it.

Background: Runs Track and Cross Country resulting in finely toned legs. No one really knows why he's so random, though he knows it's due to the medication he takes. He tends to forget them for days at a time and after a while his brain gets pretty screwed up. Still in High School, he battles on the internet whenever he has free time. In reality he is a poor person living alone in an apartment *Due to extenuating family home circumstances* and battling on the internet is his job for lack of a better word.

Name: Superstar
Gender: Male
Element: Fire
Type: Wind

Appearance: He is without a doubt, a rockstar. Flame colored Shirt that's parted in a V revealing his manly chest, long jeans colored the very essence of flame. His hair is flat for no apparent reason, though he considers it a flaw he desires fixed and rants about it often. And a Belt with a flame-colored star from which his flame guitar arises from.
Personality: Arrogant, believes he's the best thing since PET's. Hates his hair, considers it a flaw and is full of the fire of spirit. Oh, and he's a satanic... yea. Only his creator knows why he is one but he considers it a fine trait, says it adds fire to his songs.

Custom Weapon: A guitar made of flame, which when strung flings notes of flame at the enemy, engulfing them in his very spirit.
Signature Attack: Satanic Rapture

Description: Superstar begins strumming his guitar and singing satanic verses, which cause the guitar to radiate heat causing a wide area to become a raging desert. *like as hot as a raging desert* Finally as he continues playing and playing his data reverses itself from the sheer effort, causing his "skin" to decay, green ooze to leak and evaporate upon hitting the ground. Falling to his knees he finally throws his guitar in the air, ceasing movement. While in reality, the real him is cloaked in the very flames that have been let out, and by using his wind powers pulls an enemy towards him, before raising his guitar and slamming the enemy with the very weapon, causing it to shatter which causes a furious inferno to engulf said enemy.

Effects: Zombie negative *plus 40 neg points* Free Dodge *Plus 20 pos* 50 damage to an enemy 0-4 = 60 (90) / 15 (Start). (40-30)/1=10+50 *damage*=60.

Use limits: 3 turn cooldown twice per battle.

Background: Made for a Rock star's benefit, said rockstar soon found him intolerable and one day in a park, threw the PET into the street hoping it would be run over. However, John tripped over the PET and the rest is history. Well not really, but John took Superstar, essentially tamed him, and now the two are quite good companions.

Get NCP: Attack+!, Rapid+1, Charge+1, Undershirt

Get Chips: Cannon, Shotgun, Rageclaw

You know the drill. =P