Kabuki Improves Her Performance

200 points of new sig points, bringing my total pool to 260. New sigs are as below!

Sig Attacks (260/260):

Name: Mie!
Effect: 80 strengthen [80], 2 TCD
Description: A bold pose that signifies a call to action, both warning enemies of an attack and firing up herself and allies alike. One leg is extended forward, stomping powerfully to the ground, before rotating the head stiffly, locking eyes with an opponent, and bending both elbows to 90 degree angles, pointing one palm at the enemy and the other towards the heavens (the net sky?). A flash of red light bursts from the serrations in Kabuki's skin, providing a brief boost of strength.

Name: Seri Elevator
Effect: (Burrow) [30] then (Split: Movement/Feint) [25] then (Split: Movement/Feint) [25], 2 TCD
Description: Replaces the floor beneath Kabuki with one of her familiar seri contraptions, a small panel capable of descending an actor beneath the stage. Once beneath the floor, she has a small range of movement before the elevator panel re-emerges above the net floor. Unfortunately, some kinds of floors make it impossible to install an elevator, presumably those created by web designers who hate art. Sometimes, the elevator hitches while moving beneath the floor, making the motion more erratic and difficult to predict, but ultimately less effective at moving Kabuki around. Another actress might look into getting that fixed, but Kabuki is working on a budget.

Name: Hayagawari Change
Effect: 80 HP Planar Casing [80], 2 TCD
Description: Uses hayagawari technique, allowing unseen forces to spin thread into a new outfit, non form-fitting and loose, but awfully resplendent. The new costume is fitted over the old one and defends its recipient from incoming attacks, but its properties depend on the stage upon which its wearer acts. The taking on of a new costume represents adopting a new character, and thus, the re-introduction of the wearer should be appropriately dramatic. Kabuki will be disappointed if it isn't!

Name: Hiki Dogu: Hellscape
Effect: Create Medium-Area Coal Terrain [20], 1 TCD
Description: A portion of the floor slides away and is instantly replaced by a new landscape, which slides in behind it; the stage is covered in hot, ashy coal and flickering embers like scattered petals flicker across its surface. This can be used to burn enemies or just as often to provide Kabuki with some noteworthy scenery before she starts another shouting match. Only fire navis should act upon this stage.