Ut Aequora: Cassius and Aestus.exe

Name: Casius Markai
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Appearance: Though some see him as a bit menacing, 6'4" block of ebony wearing aviator shades and a trademark beat up leather trench coat, his disarming grin usually redeems him from being marked as your average wannabe thug. When he's not dressed up to fit the classic "Wyatt Earp meets Blade" look, he usually sticks to long T-shirts and loose-fitting jeans. However, he tends to keep the sunglasses, and has been known to even wear them at the movie theater, causing him to adopt Sunglasses At Night as his theme song amongst his friends.

Personality:He believes himself to be a cool customer, even if it's a bit beyond what he can actually fit. His playfully over inflated ego is a turn off to some, but those who know him well enough know that he's more introverted than he presents himself to be. Though he says he wears his sunglasses because they make him look cool, his eyes are constantly watching the people around him, examining every detail from the distasteful crinkling of a frosty girl's nose as he walks by, or the furrowing of a man's brow behind an odd comment. He keeps his truest convictions and opinions to himself as a general rule, however he is known to get explosively angry at blatant displays of hypocrisy and betrayal. He is very defensive of the ones he holds dear, however the way he acts upon it varies greatly depending on the offense.

PET Modifications: Wireless headset that he might be able to talk to and hear his Navi without having to take the PET out of his pocket. (more or less a bluetooth headset) There is also a small camera on the ear piece that gives regular video feed to his PET, and Aestus therein.

Name: Aestus.exe
Gender: Female
Element: Aqua
Type: Sword

Appearance: The first feature one would notice is her dark azure skin. However, this is quickly drawn away by her piercing, white eyes and long, flowing prismatic hair that runs the full length of her back and flips up in spontaneous but elegant curls at the end. In battle, her face is an oddly indistinct, seemingly amorphous, but defined at the same time. Her garb is simple, a shimmering, almost ductile gown that reaches just past her knees. Upon her legs and arms are what appear to be living water that has formed itself into plate guards that share the same iridescent and prismatic quality as her hair. Her weapon of choice, a double-sided naginata, (correct if you can, I know it has a popper name) is always upon her back, gleaming with a luster that could only be compared to an ocean on the horizon of a winter's sunrise.

Her appearance changes slightly however, when she leaves battle. The amorphous, shimmering form that covers her face disappears, revealing fair and delicate features which could be deemed worthy of a Botticelli fresco, at least some of Cassius' friends say. Her gently sweeping form, much more visible in the absence of her armor, and the natural curling of her long, pure white hair seems to imitate the depictions of the greek goddesses. This image is further reinforced by her taste for what could be most simply described as a toga.

Personality: Like her Operator, Aestus.exe has a calculating nature which allows for their seamless cooperation in net battles. While locked in combat, they share a synergy on a nearly telepathic level. However, through the course of his daily life and behavior, Cassius constantly hears her chastising and disapproval at the "foolishness of his excess." She has taken to replying to Cassius's offhanded comments in small bursts of Latin, a language she developed a taste for over time. Her favorite phrases that she likes to use include "Subolesco, mos vos," "dea succurro vos," and "per deus venia nos es laurifer" meaning "Will you grow up?" "Goddess help you.." And "By the grace of god, we are victorious."

Custom Weapon: Double-sided naginata. She calls the weapon Mare Ira, a Latin phrase meaning the Wrath of the Sea.

Signature Attack: Unda Dea Ultionis (Water Goddess's Revenge) Aestus makes a downward strike at the enemy while pivoting to turn about her target. As she reaches its side. she brings down the other end of the weapon in a horizontal strike, then finally rounds on the enemy's rear and thrusts her blade into its back.
(3 hits, first hit front 5. side hit 10, back 25, 40 damage total, 1TCD)
Approved. Welcome back.

Battlechips: Rageclaw, Shotgun, Cannon
Navicust: Attack+1, Rapid+1, Charge+1, Undershirt

You know the drill.