The TNT Update

Total Points Used Before: 540/700

Firstly, reworking Overheat, to deal damage more logically given its description, and changing the Nerf to both reduce the cost and fit more appropriately.

Before: 100 Null DMG - 15 Self DMG (-20 points) = 80 points (100 before nerf) (3tcd)
After: Multi-Hit Attribute: 10 Null DMG x 10 Hits (100 points) - Buster Lock (-50 points) = 50 points (100 before nerf) (3tcd)

Total Points Used After Overheat Retool: 510/700

Secondly, creating two new sigs for use by TNT, one Active and one Passive

Dynamite Bundle:
Tina produces a bundle of iconic red dynamite sticks, five small ones fastened to one slightly larger one, which she swings by the lit fuse before lobbing at the enemy. Typically, the fuse of the larger one is measured out to detonate upon reaching its intended target. This initial detonation causes the smaller sticks to be pushed out in five different directions, with their fuses measured out to cause detonation a few seconds after the initial explosion.

Point Breakdown (A):
Stage 1: 20 Null DMG x Blast2 (20x2=40) + Thrown-Type Attack Attribute (40p)
Stage 2: 1 Action Delay + (5 Null DMG x Blast2 (5x2=10)) x 5 Targets (10x5=50) (50p)
40p + 50p = 90 Total (3tcd)

Blast Step (P):
To help keep Tina out of potentially dangerous situations and closer to where she's needed, Tina is able to quickly hop around the battlefield with the utilization of small, localized explosions. Of course, being too close to Tina when she decides to make use of this ability may cause a slight burn to those not expecting it.
Point Breakdown:
Movement (20p) + 5 Melee-Range Fire DMG (5) x Passive (25 x 4 = 100p)

Total cost of new sigs: 190p

Total Points Used After: 700/700
All of this is fine and approved.