Fictious's Signatures

Pool: 100
Cap: 60

1 Process Upgrade Owned

Climactic Finish: Fictious focuses his will, and the target is held in place by Dramatic Tension (represented by a perpetually changing circle of Latin text that appears beneath their feet) while Fictious takes careful aim for the final blow.

[Multistage:(Hold; Ground Attack) Then (Take Aim)]; 2 TCD; Cost 60

Plot Armor: Fictious draws upon the power of drama to protect someone or something that is still necessary for the plot to proceed.

There is no visual effect except for the glowing Latin word NECESSARIUM in glowing and possibly moving letters. It appears to float above the surface of the beneficary. On humanoids, it often appears as a rotating circle of text over the heart.

Attacks aren't actually, physically, blocked by this. Instead, they simply fail. Attacks glitch and fail to deploy, miss coincidentally, or graze when they should have done full damage. Each point of negated damage weakens the protection.

Of course, some attacks are capable of bypassing or severely weakening this defense.

[HP Casing 40]; 1 TCD; Cost 40

Finished Pool: [100/100]
I don't see any particular problems with this. Just keep in mind that your casing won't necessarily block status effects, even if the attack visually doesn't seem to work.