Alexia Ruvva

Name: Alexia Ruvva
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Alexia Ruvva, standing at five foot three inches with pale snow white skin, soft as silk and with large Emerald green eyes that radiate with the inner warmth of Alexia, her normal attire is a yellow dress shirt with black trousers. She also wears a scarf that sits neatly around her neck. Her shoulder length blue hair, soft as satin is worn down in an almost bob type hair style. Under her dress shirt near the back of her tail bone is where the holder for her PET is kept.

Personality/Bio: Alexia Ruvva a rather kind and gentle person that most people take for as rather weak and shy girl but that is not the full story of her. Being orphaned at the age of 3 when Alexia, her parents and a bus load of people crashed into an oncoming vehicle. When she woke up she found herself in a hard bed in a dark and cold place, when she had finally got up she was greeted by a number of other kids that where also in the bus. But not an adult was in sit, that was until a dark man walked into the room, he was a army sort of man and had told them that there parents had died and that everyone her would be there new family.

Most of the kids cried, Alexia did to but that was natural and being to young to understand she wailed like the others. That was until a slightly older boy that had stopped crying and was starting to cheer the others up and went to her and put and arm around her telling her that she would be fine.

As time passed the boy that comforted her became sort of a brother and when the person that had taken them all in gave them there PETS. They where given a lot of money so that they could personalise them and there Net Navi's. When they made there Net Nazi's bother Alexia and her adopted older brother made male and female versions of each others Navi's and having opposite abilities.

When they came of age the army father figure went and decided that it was about time to enact Discipline on the them and make them into decent human beings. Though this man had a darker agenda, he was part of a secret unit within the army. He was the one that crashed into the bus with a tank and took the children and killed the parents of those on board. They soon where able to defend themselves but they would not be soldiers that was why he trained others that he had captured to be soldiers, these kids where to be used in a different way.

One day will doing virus busting training on the she and her older adopted brother stumbled upon a sealed area, curiosity got the better of them and they hack like they where taught into the area. Exploring it they found out the true nature of there parents death and why they where kept here. They left trying to take the others but they where unable to.

Living off the streets they entered tag and team tournaments winning they would spent the money of food and shelter. They where soon picked by official net battlers and where asked to join them. Not passing the chance they both accept but would soon find that they where separated from each other. Left with her navi Iku she trained herself so that she was no longer dependant on her adopted brother. And she made a resolve never to be sad and always to smile.

PET Modifications: Her pet is silver and blue with an arm attachment so that she can strap it to her arm when battling or using it. It also has a holo-emitter that can project images of her Nazi or other important data.
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Name: Iku
Gender: Female
Element: Elec
Type: Wind

Iku has a rather demonic look about herself with deep blue skin tone and a purplish armour around her torso, head and arms. In her arms there is two talons that spring out and can be used in battle but they are not a main weapon or buster.

Personality: Iku is a cool and reserved AI, prefering to be straight with Alexia rather than beating around the bush. Iku speaks her mind but is also rather observant she notices flaws that could harm Alexia or herself in battle. She is the female half of two net navi's that where created at the same time and design.
Custom Weapon: Elec Ball, a ball of pure electricity is formed from the hand. Can be charged to produce a larger ball.
Signature Attack: "Anet! Calew! Ferhan!" Three Silver Daggers. (Needs revised!)
The three silver daggers is a sync attack, when both Alexia and Iku preform it saying the words and drawing the symbols together there is a greater chance of hit success due to fear of the net battler unable to direct there navi.

Watch the Rp example to see what I mean.
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RP example

"Iku are you ready"
"Of course I am ready"

As two voices communicated in the darkness there was a deadly silence, one filled with anticipation, excitement and a need to move. Soon two spot lights flashed into life at the center of a stadium then several other smaller lights started to light up the path that the two battlers would need to take.

"Ladies and Gentalmen, today we have a exciting match up for you, All the way from ACDC town is Roy with his Nazi Armrex. And his opponent is the one and only Alexia and her Navi Iku." as two light flashed to reveal the two she had activated the holo-emitter on her PET to display Iku moving slightly behind her. A satisfing gasp caught the crowd and her opponent.

Looking over her shoulder she looked up at Iku who stood at least two feet taller than Alexia did, Iku's demonic features became all the more appearent when she was projected beside her. Taking to the stand she looked over at Roy who as stare at Iku, though he kept flashing his eye's down at his PET to make sure that his Navi and not run away on him.

"Battlers Jack In"

As the call to jack in was give Iku stepped beside Alexia, as Alexia's hand went to her PET that was strapped to her arm she grabbed the USB cable, as she pulled Iku done the same making it look as if both of them had pulled the cable out. Taking there arms back the gave a flourish as they both went and slammed it into the USB Drive.

As they did that Iku flicker out of life and into the the net world displayed above them, as Roy did something that did not look nearly as graceful as what she had done she checked the battle chips that she had in her hand. She was glad that she had decided to take her Spell Folder. She needed to get this battle done quickly and in her hand was the three battle chips that would get it done in under a minute.

"Iku let us finish this quickly, we have other duties to attend to today and I would rather not waste my time on this poor kid." She was being rather frank today normally she would have said it nicer but she had recieved an email only moments before the battle telling her that her services where required.

And then that battle begain. Armrex jumped forward towards Alexia he was trying to land a blow with what looked like a giant hand, obviously a custom weapon. But Iku was slender and faster than the bulky Armrex. Jumping to the side Iku create a Elec Ball and blasted it into the back of her opponent.

Then moving to a distance she took an stance, forefinger and index finger erect while her thumb and other two made a circle. Outside of the battle, Alexia had placed her three battle chips into her PET and took the same stance. As Iku registard the cards a blue flame appeared at the tips of her forefinger and index.

The same was happening to Alexia though her was a hologram, then it then end of the battle started, as both Alexia and Iku drew three symbols in the air they hung there until both Iku and Alexia's voice sung clear the name's of the attack she had just done.

"Anet! Calew! Ferhan!"

There voice sounded as one and when they finished the marks that hung in the air warped as it was pierced by slivers of silver that shoot forth. In both real world and in net space three silver daggers moved to there target.

Fear took the boy Roy and he jumped back but at the same time he unplugged his PET though this was an accident it enacted the failsafe that logged Armrex out of the network and made him lose the match. As Alexia's hologram flickered out of existance she walked over to the boy.

Bending down she extended a hand, to help the boy up.

"Sorry about that kid, I really would not have been that hard on you if I did not have other places to be right now."

As she was proclaimed winner of that match she left the arena and started her walk to where she would meet an old foe.

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